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There are a lot of things to learn about your beliefs and what you really believe.

What they are, where they come from, how we got them, why we believe what we believe in. It’s all necessary. What’s the reason? Because they will allow us to know ourselves better, and generally the more intelligent we are as people, the more we know ourselves.

So the first step to making any changes in any arena of your life is to find out what you really believe about this subject.

The second most important thing you need to know about convictions is that you can change them. It’s all too common for people to think they’re doomed for the rest of their lives to be Republican or Democrat. Or that they have to bear their religion’s repercussions. But there is more variety in convictions than that. In reality, almost anything can be believed by a human being and, more importantly, those beliefs can establish a certain pantheon of attitudes, thoughts, and feelings. That takes me to the next level…

what you really believe Core values


The third most important thing you need to know about values is that they are the basis for all you do, feel, and think. They’re the engine’s fuel. Nothing will happen without them. Analyze your actions if you don’t believe me. How do you make a living? How did you choose that job or career? You might think it’s lucrative, important, useful, necessary, or enjoyable. Almost any adjective will fit into this position.

Then there are those of us who believe they have not chosen their occupation, that in order to survive they have to take this or that job. While this is a different kind of thing, there is still confidence that places them in that position. Simply put, they don’t think they had a choice. Most controversially, they feel that they are victims in the universe, that they are influenced by the events of their lives. Sure there are times in everybody’s life where external factors arise and a life is changed forever, but knowing that we always have a choice is a good idea. They may be complicated, but they’re still there.

What You Really Believe

For virtually all convictions, the most important thing is that they are not real. I mean, I know that. This can be a very hard pill to swallow, but it’s just because we’re rooted in our convictions as well as a linear right-and-wrong process. It’s real, no matter how it feels. Nearly all convictions are not accurate. I don’t mean to say they’re wrong, because it’s beyond the narcissistic guilt dichotomy. Beliefs don’t have to live in the right-and-wrong universe, while we place them there very commonly. And if you look closely at the universe, you can see that the majority of human suffering comes from righteousness— one person who believes that he is right, and everyone who believes differently wrong.

But the fact is that, because the universe is more complex and requires a more flexible way of being, Republicans will never be able to objectively assert their superiority to Democrats or vice versa. This is clear to some, but it may sound like one of the most heretic arguments to others. When you understand that your values are not objectively true, that as you grew up and evolved they were gifts to you from the world around you, you may also know that they can be modified now. Like we spoke about earlier, your beliefs decide everything about you, and changing your beliefs is the first step in living a different life or even being a different person. And as overwhelming a job as that might sound, it’s quite easy, and it’s something you’ve done in your life at least a couple of times.

Why Your Beliefs Create The Universe

Accept it or not, society is first created through belief A skyscraper…Like all you can see with your eyes, hear with your ears, and touch with your fingertips, that skyscraper started as a belief Someone thought that was possible. Believed that they have the ability and authority to construct such a system, human beings are amazing. We can be confident that it wouldn’t have existed without the fundamental beliefs that make the building possible. How could anybody build a skyscraper that nobody thought was possible? The same extends to streets, schools, grocery stores, tv, mobile phone, and even friends and family.

Although a belief may not produce the people in your life, the way they think and talk depends on what they believe. And the same happens to you… that’s how the human mind works.

The universe is blessed with a simple representation of consciousness every time a baby is born. Babies are beautiful, sweet, happy, and you know this to be real if you’ve ever had the opportunity to see her grin and hear him giggle. You can hear the innocence calling out of your memory.

At birth, the development of belief systems begins. Not only does the close contact with the mother help the fetus to sense what is happening, but it can also actually feel what is happening. If the mother is happy and safe, there will be a certain chemical make-up in her biochemistry and the baby will feel the same thing. If the mother is fearful and frustrated, her biochemistry will be different and that fear and rage will be felt by the infant. So, what do convictions have to do with that?

The kid is discovering, through this biological interaction, what the universe is like at this very early moment. Quite clearly, at this point, the child starts her learning about the world’s security or threat. I don’t mean to say it’s THE defining moment of his world description, but it’s the first prototypes. This wide-open mind continues to consume all around it after birth. That’s the thing. There’s no choice. If it can be sensed by the infant, she can embrace it. She will use this perceptual information to build her belief system. If there is a sudden, unwanted honk as a stuffed teddy bear is turned over to the child, she may learn that stuffed teddy bears are frightening.

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