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Are you able to find balance in your life? What is a balanced life anyway? Some claim that you can have a balanced life, while others suggest that if you want to be successful, there is no such thing as a balanced life. You can achieve a high level of success and enjoy the most important aspects of your life. You just have to find balance in your life.

What is a balanced life?

Balance is juggling your professional life and your personal life. There is not a single formula for achieving a balanced life. It is a personal decision on how one combines career, spouse/significant other, children, friends, and self into an integrated whole. It is not easy to juggle the demands of a career and personal life.

Between managing work responsibilities and deadlines, school and community activities, household responsibilities, and ongoing care of family members (children, teens, and older adults), schedules fill up without free time to spare. For most people, it is an ongoing challenge to reduce stress and maintain balance in key areas of your life. The key is to develop creative solutions as you approach the challenges of balancing the responsibilities of your many roles. Some of the strategies and skills that you use at work such as planning, organizing, and setting limits can be used at home for accomplishing a satisfying, fulfilling well-balanced life both professionally and personally.

What Is A Balanced Life with a career

8 Tips To A Balance Life

  1. Cut the non-essentials down. When you struggle to find a balance in your life, the most prevalent problem is a lack of time. Look at how each week you spend your time. Including which things can you do?
  2. Eviting waste of time. Just imagine all the places you’re just wasting your time. This could include watching television reruns, surfing the internet, or searching for screens. The more time you find in your life to apply to matters, the more balanced you will be able to make your life.
  3. Set priorities for you. Know what you mean by balance. What are your life’s most important things? When you know your goals, you will make the best use of your resources.
  4. Concentrate on your health. Giving high priority to your health can help balance everything else. You must find the time and resources to eat and exercise well if your wellbeing is essential. You’re going to sleep plenty. It can help prevent the rest of your life from getting out of control by putting a priority on your safety.
  5. Schedule the day for you. Have a schedule for each day of your week. Know how you’ll live the day before the day falls. You can, therefore, make the most of your time. The more flexibility you can gain, the more stable your life can be.
  6. It depends on the main tasks. There are many things that you can work on every day, but there are just a few that will make a big difference. Typically these things aren’t the most enjoyable, but most of the time, they will save you. If you want to be productive and have a balanced life, you can’t make a difference in small things.
  7. Consistently check it. Life is dynamic, so it won’t stay that way forever, even if you can create a balanced life. Keep your finger at your life’s pulse. Search for ways to make things easier. If things start getting out of control again.
  8. Have fair expectations. Only so much can you do. You are not going to have a lot of family time if you’re trying to create a multi-billion-dollar company and prepare for marathons. On the other side, other areas of your life can fail if you want to spend every minute with your kids and spouse.

What Is A Balanced Life with a stressful job

US Government Work-Life Balance Programs

Work-life programs are designed to help employees balance their work, personal, and family responsibilities.

The Department of Commerce is committed to providing a work environment that is healthy and considerate of employees’ work and personal life responsibilities and obligations, and we offer numerous programs to support these efforts. Our work-life programs are also an integral part of our efforts to remain competitive in the global market and to attract, hire, and retain a top-notch workforce.  source


This guide offers a broad approach for things we can do—at our own pace, in our own time, and within our own abilities—that can help us feel better and live longer. Made by SAMHSA

What balance do you need in life

Know What Balance You Need

Sometimes a stable life is challenging to achieve. It’s difficult to find the time for everything when you’re a young adult with a family. When you are older, and your children have moved away, seeking meaning in your life can be a struggle. Life is always a struggle for proper balance. You have to know for yourself what it requires and what functions for you to have a balanced life. Meditation will also help to define priorities and provide you with healing relaxation as well as daily journaling.

Tips Balance at Work, Home and Yourself

Balance At Work

Balance At Home

Balance For Yourself


What are ways you find balance in your daily life? Comment below

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2 Responses

  1. Hello Hazel,

    Boy is this ever a challenging topic. I have been searching for ways to help me with this because I am anything but balanced. In my younger years, I did and still do enjoy the fruits of labor so I felt all the work I was performing provided a means to make ends meet and fulfillment to my own happiness. Win, win, right?

    The downside is it is killing me. I am getting older and takes about half the time to get tired and twice the time to rest. I still am able to make ends meet and enjoy what I am doing but it seems what is required to keep me balanced is changing as I get older.

    I am grateful I have found this site to help me find the questions I need to ask myself and give a quick double-check to find out what it is I really need compared to what I think I need. These things you have broken down so perfectly.

    Balance At Work

    Make the most of your commute to work • Take your scheduled breaks during the day; this will help you feel refreshed • Maintain a positive work environment with your supervisor and co-workers • At the end of the day set your priorities for the next day • Develop effective time management skills • Explore new learning opportunities • Leave work at the gateFamily Relationships • Schedule quality family time together • Create family activities you can all look forward to • Eat dinner together as a family whenever possible • Keep the lines of communication open within your family

    Balance At Home

    Take some time to unwind after work • Create a boundary between work and home • Listen to some soothing music • Make time for a hobby that requires a slower pace (e.g., reading, gardening, yoga) • Decide what chores can be shared and what chores can be let go of • Make time for future plans and projects • Develop a family budget

    Balance For Yourself

    Exercise regularly • Engage in healthy eating • Drink plenty of water • Get sufficient sleep • Set realistic goals and priorities for yourself, and reassess on a regular basis • Don’t over-commit yourself • Get involved in your community • Make time in your schedule to spend quality time with friends • Find humor in your everyday life (at work and at home) • Make a positive contribution at work, home, and in the community • Be realistic about expectations of yourself and others • Be kind to yourself • Find time to pursue your religious/spiritual needs

    You are great Hazel!



  2. This has officially been the most therapeutic article I have read this entire week! (I know, it’s only Tuesday … but still!) I don’t think anything else I read this week will March this. I have learned a lot from this and have a whole different perspective on what balance is 🙌 thank you so much for this article 🙏🏽 

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