The Amazing You!!

Did you ever feel like you’ve been living a life without a goal? As there was nothing urgent to make you jump out of bed in the morning, the universe would still get through with you sitting all day long.

Okay, I use it every single day to experience that…

Of course, I had some good days where I wanted to go to dinner or catch a movie with friends or family, but most of the days, I mostly stayed away at work. And I went home most nights to watch television next to me with my cat. I hated living like that. It wasn’t like I had no ambitions; they were out of my control just too far. How can I travel the world when I have accrued so much debt to pay off over the years? When I was so unhappy, how could I find happiness? How can I recover that smile? Each waking moment, so many “how could” filled my head.

Then one day, I ran from high school to my old friend Shellee. Since graduating, we hadn’t seen each other since we went to different colleges. She went to Yale and me to nearby state college so I could frequently visit my ailing mother. So that night, we decided to catch up for dinner, and I pointed out that she was doing well with herself.

Shellee was the director of IT at a multi-billion dollar company. She was happily married with a husband and twin sons, and in her passport had stamps from more than ten different countries. The life she lived, well, she is living my dream. I worked in a local organization as an IT technician. I stagnated there over the years without any sign of promotion. I didn’t have any love opportunities, so my passport was tucked away gathering dust somewhere.


I opened my inbox at home the next morning and stumbled across something from Shellee. The name of the story read, “Hazel, read this. It will change your life because mine has changed.” It was titled The Amazing You, and I was addicted after a few chapters of chapter one. The perceptions the narrator shared were so similar to mine. The book seemed to translate my exact thoughts into words! The novel had a fascinating narrative that caught through my mind. A reflective section caused me to re-evaluate my life choices after each paragraph, and I began to realize that all that occurred to me was attributed to me. We all had control over our own lives, but instead, I had chosen to let it go.

It also introduced me to something called the Wheel of Consciousness, and it led me to discover what had kept me from living the life I wanted. How this book seemed tailor-made for me, and nobody else was mind-blowing. Yet Shellee said it changed her life, and anyone with eyes could see that after university, Shellee has lived a very different experience than me! It seemed to me that she did not need the book at all.

I called her up again for dinner, and she clarified that she wasn’t doing well in college and that after graduation, she couldn’t find a job. Her student debt seemed to swallow her up, and soon after, he was abandoned by his then-boyfriend. I was amazed. How did she get her envious situation now from a situation similar to mine?


It was due to The Amazing You that she told me. She learned to take care of herself and stopped blaming her destitution for the education system. The book’s encouragement exercises helped her to reconfigure her attitude for existence itself, and it triggered such a significant transformation that even her parents read it!

For the next few days, when studying all the methods it demonstrated, I read the book many times from cover to cover.

So I swear that my life was never happier! I’m back with the love of my life, my person, my lobster. We are gazing through the window, not in the reflection of the rearview, and holding hands together to look down the road of a beautiful life. I wake up now in the morning before my alarm clock rings, and I’m out of the door with a spring in my step. Trust me, and you can’t miss that!

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