Detailed Explanation Of What Mindfulness Is In 2021

What is mindfulness? Life is full of changes, challenges, and chaos. It’s easy to be swept away by the seemingly endless list of assignments, tasks, and deadlines that continue to pile up without even noticing it. In your body, mind, and spirit, this may cause you to feel rundown. Once you find yourself feeling this way, it may seem almost impossible to wake up to the beauty and benefits of life. This can then make […]

The Real Meaning of Mindfulness

The Real Meaning Mindfulness As adults, we are repeatedly told to improve, plan for what’s ahead, and use lessons learned from the past to shape our future. Although thinking about the past and future are healthy and necessary for a well-balanced life, only thinking about the past and future can be anxiety-inducing, especially during complicated or chaotic points in life. Mindfulness is a beautiful way to step out of the chaos and to step into […]

Thoughts Become Things: Meaning

Thoughts Become Things: Meaning Does our past dictate our future, or do we allow it to? We are where we are because of our thoughts in the past. Thoughts become things. We consciously or subconsciously always think about something. The problem is that we usually think more about things we don’t want, than about the things we want. It doesn’t matter if we want or don’t want something, we’ll get what we mostly think about. Try […]