Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Throughout social settings, social anxiety is characterized by extreme anxiety and self-awareness. Sufferers of this syndrome are deeply concerned that others are watching and/or judging them and are worried that their own actions will humiliate or shame them. During periods like the holiday season, since more social events and gatherings take place, some of which are expected, social anxiety is relatively standard. It can be a crippling social phobia that interferes with both work […]

Meditation and Trauma

There is an alarmingly high percentage of people who have experienced trauma. Whether in childhood or in your current life situation, trauma and grief are consistently associated with a person’s behavior and mental health. When we experience a traumatic event, the stress that our minds experience can completely change the way we interact with others, and how we experience the world from then on. Practicing meditation to help with trauma can help you heal. Most […]