How The Secret Changed My Life

Secret To Manifest Wealth, Success And Happiness

How The Secret Changed My Life Ever questioned why another person fails while another person succeeds? How The Secret Changed My Life How is it that another person gets the wife or husband they want, the career they want, the education or advancement they choose while others get picked over? Why does one person seem […]

Karma Explained

Karma Explained

Have a vision and a path to continue things in your mind. The world’s great cathedrals and temples, the pyramids, the modern earth–vehicles, aircraft, and starships, all the wonders of the past and the current, all began out as ideas, visions. A couple of hundred years ago, the idea of a flying machine would have […]

#1 Brain Reprogramming Tool

Brain Reprogramming Technologies

#1 Brain Reprogramming Tool Since hypnotherapy remains at the core of NLP. Most precisely, the “competence shift” component of NLP was based on the ideas of renowned hypnotherapist Milton Erickson. Do you recognize what Brain Reprogramming Tool does? It’s access for your subconscious mind, a hack if you will. Let me give you this metaphor. […]