Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Throughout social settings, social anxiety is characterized by extreme anxiety and self-awareness. Sufferers of this syndrome are deeply concerned that others are watching and/or judging them and are worried that their own actions will humiliate or shame them. During periods like the holiday season, since more social events and gatherings take place, some of which are expected, social anxiety is relatively standard. It can be a crippling social phobia that interferes with both work […]

Fear Is A Liar

Fear Is A Liar Fearful thoughts are the condition of the mind in which all is perceived by a dark, gloomy lens.  All seems to be sensed to the futility of effort, the “I Can’t” principle, instead of the “I Can and I Will” principle… It is the harmful weed in the psychological garden, which tends to kill the precious plants. It is a fly in the ointment, the worm in the wine of life […]

Feelings Of Anxiety

There is a good chance that in reaction to real or perceived challenges at one time or another, we have all encountered feelings of anxiety. Such sentiments are common for most people as the mind is hard-wired to alert you in times of risk, transition, and the unknown. Yes, feeling a certain amount of anxiety and pressure in many situations will help increase your performance in particular tasks. For example, a person may experience an […]