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Believe it or not, our skin affects us in many ways. The science behind attraction is powerful.

Why is it that some things are considered ‘beautiful’ and other items are not? What is it about clear skin in particular that makes someone seem like a better catch? And how can understanding the science behind this attraction help us to be more effective at improving our looks?

Evolution and looks

The key to understanding the seemingly arbitrary set of rules that define attractiveness is to understand the role that evolution played in creating them.

The evolution you see is all about the survival of the fittest. It’s about the traits that help us to stay alive longer and pass on our genes becoming more dominant. It also accounts for our ‘tastes’ when it comes to the type of people we are attracted to. People who choose evolutionarily ‘better’ partners are more likely to pass their genes more effectively.

In other words, then, our desires and our tastes in men or women are dictated by the signals that suggest a higher chance of survival. We pick people who look healthy, but we also pick people who seem to be resourceful, compelling, and essential. This way, we think that our children will be better cared for and will inherit more of those positive traits.

What does skin have to do with it?

So with that in mind, where does healthy skin come in? What does this tell us about a potential mate? For starters, healthy skin suggests a proper diet. This, in turn, suggests access to resources that will benefit offspring, and it suggests generally better health.

Law Of Attraction science behind attraction

At the same time, healthy skin also suggests the right balance of hormones, which might, in turn, suggest more virility and fertility.
Next up, healthy skin makes us look more symmetrical. Why is symmetry important? This part isn’t clear, but one theory is that balance suggests healthy cell division. The cells in our body reproduce by splitting in half to form two exact copies – a process called mitosis – and this occurs millions of times a day.

The problem is that the process doesn’t always go entirely smoothly. Sometimes, a small error will creep into the process, leaving the cells not quite identical. This is not a big deal, but sometimes it can cause damage to integral parts of the DNA – and this is where cancer comes from. Cancerous cells then spread because they continue to split and reproduce, and as a result, the ‘flaw’ in that cell is propagated throughout the body.


Organic Beauty = True Beauty

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There are many more examples, but primarily beauty and health are very closely linked. And this is why organic beauty is the purest form of beauty. Organic beauty means making yourself healthier first so that your natural beauty shines through.

Why is it healthier to go organic?

Going organic is beneficial for you for several reasons. For starters, it means that you won’t be consuming unnatural chemicals or other potentially harmful ingredients. At the same time, it also means that you are embracing more natural ingredients and generally striving to live a little more in-keeping with nature and the way that your body evolved to live. It means making conscious choices when it comes to your skincare products, even your cleaning products! And this can have enormous benefits for your overall health.

Organic Food

The most obvious example of this is what you eat. If you eat natural fruits and vegetables, then that means that you could potentially be eating trace amounts of toxic pesticides. These are literally man-made poisons that are being sprayed on our food and on our crops, and so it isn’t hard to see how this might be a problem!

Indeed, pesticides have been shown in a large number of studies to be associated with a range of health problems, both short-term and long-term. In the short term, they have been associated with headaches and nausea, while in the long run, they have even been linked to cancer.

And it’s not just that non-organic foods can be unhealthy either. It’s also true that organic foods have additional health benefits. This is because organic foods will be fed with other natural ingredients, which in turn provide them with more nutrition. Thus, those animals and plants become healthier, thereby being more nutrient-dense themselves.

This can easily be seen when we look at the difference between corn-fed and grass-fed beef. Those cows that have been able to live on their natural food source (grass) can benefit from better nutrition. Which in turn, results in a healthier, tastier, and more nutritious cut of meat.

Watch the video on What Really Is Organic Gardening below from or friends at Grow At Home. You will also find a video on simple steps to start your own backyard organic garden, as well as the Top 10 Meat Substitutes if you are interested in cutting down or removing meat from your diet.

Skincare Products

This doesn’t just apply to what you eat. It also goes for organic shampoos, organic skincare products, etc. Many people will find that products that use harsh, unnatural ingredients are much more likely to result in skin rashes or other unpleasant reactions. Conversely, using natural ingredients in things that will come into contact with your skin will often help to provide natural, gentle nourishment.

Did you know that when you use soap, it actually gets absorbed into your bloodstream? The same goes for shampoo. So here’s a good rule: don’t use anything you wouldn’t be happy eating. Visit our post: Bath Soap And Salt Recipes to see how you can easily and quickly make your own organic soap. 


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