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Reproductive imagination is something you do countless times a day.

Reproductive imagination is a process of recalling and re-creating previously viewed or experienced objects or images. This is contrasted to constructive imagination.

And in doing this you should remember that the following questions are not posed in order to determine what you know about the subject, but just how vividly–in other words, with what clarity of life–the mental image is presented to your mind and how close it is to the present reality.

Test your own reproductive imagination with visual imaging tests to determine your strengths or weaknesses. Here is how:

Discover Your Amazing Reproductive Imagination

Go into a quiet room, close your eyes, and try to keep every distraction from your mind. Then ask yourself the following questions:

Visual Reproductive Imagination

  1. Do you remember how your room looked, this morning, when you left the bed, the style and texture of the rug, the color of the walls, the designs of the toiletries on the dresser, and so on of every separate piece of furniture and decoration? Can you see the entire room as clearly as if at the moment you were in it? Or is your mental image blurred and questionable?
  2. How well can you see the distance between your house and a distant object? Do you have a distinct impression of the visual elements deciding this distance?
  3. You can see birds flying in the air? A vehicle speeding down the road?
  4. Can you imagine an orange surface? A blue surface? Try every primary color; which is most distinguishable from the eye of your mind?
  5. Do you see the ground as being smooth? A rocky surface? A surface with vegetation? Is there any grass? Does the grass have weeds? Do you see dirt? Is the dirt black or brown?
  6. Do you remember how every word appeared on the printed page when you memorize a poem?

Auditory Reproductive Imagination

  1. Can you hear the ringing of your doorbell in your imagination?
  2. Can you create an auditory thunder sound? Or the rocky shore waves breaking? Of a street-car going by?
  3. Can you hear a mouse’s squeak mentally? A bird’s tweet? A person’s breathing?
  4. Do all these sounds come to you through reality’s distinction?
  5. Do you remember a voice that you haven’t heard in ages?
  6. Do you recall the sounds of a whole range of music?

Smell Reproductive Imagination

  1. Do you clearly remember the smell of strong perfume? Of the rain? Of all the roses? Of coffee?
  2. Is it evident to your mind that this is the smell you remember, not the taste?

Taste Reproductive Imagination

  1. Can you remember just how milk tastes? An apple? Your favorite food? A crisp-cold soda? Do you feel and hear the carbonated bubbles also?
  2. Try to imagine that you are biting a lemon wedge. Does it pucker your mouth? Does it seem like a real lemon? Do you get the shivers?
  3. Can you imagine the taste of sugar? Of salt? Of pepper?

Pain and Touch Reproductive Imagination

  1. Can you relive any past physical pain in your imagination? A bad bruise? A cut? Waking up from having surgery?
  2. Can you remember the feeling of underwear made of silk? Of the pajamas that you slept in?
  3. Are you able to re-experience a feeling of happiness or other emotions?

Heat and Cold Reproductive Imagination

  1. Can you imagine a warm feeling? How about being cold?
  2. Is being very cold a feeling recollection that differs from a being overheated memory?

Go through the list of questions above and remember the responses carefully or journal them. You will discover in yourself some personal characteristics that you have never dreamed of. Try these questions about your own family’s other members. You’ll be shocked at the different outcomes. You will perceive the reason for the ability to do and enjoy many innate differences. Discover just how powerful our minds are in this post.

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