Reflection Is My Source Of Wisdom

Silent truly brings focus to my processes of thought. If I spend the time to think more deeply, I see the answers I’m looking for. I’m concentrating on various things from different moments of the day. There are a time and place to reflect on my life’s different aspects. Early mornings are reserved for personal meditation. I use my waking moments to reconnect to the core of my spiritual self.

I find the answers I’m searching for my soul. If I feel uncomfortable in my life, I get some comfort from my religious downtime. I still reflect back on the natural outcome of situations involving different people in my life. It is an ongoing process to maintain healthy relationships. I allow myself to think about how to find solutions to maintain strong ties.

I see the things that matter to them when I meditate on a specific person. I recall being compelled by love to provide to their well-being. I am driven by gathering my past thoughts and memories. Each experience is one from which to learn and grow. It feels good to be able to say that today I am better than yesterday.

I believe that reflecting every day is an important part of looking forward. The knowledge gained from refection brings to light my direction. Through drawing on the lessons learned and the confidence accumulated in the past, I reduce fear about the uncertain future.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What effect does reflecting on my workday have on my professional development?
  2. How confident am I in my general decision-making process?
  3. How important is it to share my reflections with others?

Controlled Breathing

Respiration is an element of meditation. In many meditation practices, careful breathing is necessary and is, therefore, a valuable tool for people who regularly perform this task to be awakened.

When meditating, the practice of regular breathing lets an individual relax when doing the meditation. By inhaling through the nose, allowing the diaphragm (not the chest) to expand and exhale through the mouth, proper breathing is achieved. Doing this slows the heart rate of an individual, resulting in a relaxed mood.

Breathing also plays a major role in increasing a person’s focus. This is achieved by concentrating the mind on the act of taking air through the nostrils until the air is eventually exhaled through the lips. While this may sound easy, when done for the first time, it can be quite challenging.

Then there is a way to raise awareness of an individual. Like the above-mentioned method of relaxation, this involves paying attention to one’s breathing. But instead of concentrating on inhaling and exhaling air, where the person trains his / her mind, it is the sense of breathing. The feeling that the air passes through the nose fills the lungs and expands the diaphragm is the feeling a person should look for.


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