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The personal reality of one person is not superior to the other.

Every truth, however, gives us some experiences that we interpret as “good” and “bad.” In metaphysics, we are taught that in determining one’s reality, the mind plays an important role.

Combining all of our systems of belief, behaviors, desires, aspirations, emotions, and unconscious experiences build up the “truth” we encounter. Substantially, this reality is our internal experience and understanding of the different impressions our senses produce, and this resulting truth is different for each individual. No two people perceive or interpret the world precisely the same. Even though there may be consensus, a collective consciousness that underlies everyday objective awareness that forms a fundamental reality for individuals or entities that vibrate at mutual wavelengths.

From the celestial point of view, everything is a dream, a play of the senses, a divine dance of the gods. Everything is illusory; but, this is not to suggest that our “dreams” do not influence us, be it the sleep-state or the Maya-waking reality. By the influence we bestow on it, our dreams affect us. We inspire our desires within us to cause fear or love. The unlimited power only resides inside our bodies and not outside. It exists within us here and now, not in the past or the future, but only in the present time. There is no power for things and people to hurt us, with the exception of the energy we offer them.

But to return to the principle of personal reality that we create for ourselves, we may illustrate this by pointing out the differences in our interpretations of what we call “color.” A person may interpret the energy that vibrates and emanates from an object as “green,” another person may interpret it as “blue.” While many may agree that an object’s color is green, for example, it does not imply that blue’s perception is invalid.

In reality, calling someone “color blind” is an expression of arrogance. We judge others according to our own moral standards, intellect, emotion, and physical standards. They see this as the “norm.” Just because the view or interpretation of somebody is different from ours, there is no excuse for judgment and devastation, as long as the understanding of that person does not affect any being.

Animal Sense of Reality

Animals in their perception of the world may also vary from humans. They may see things or shades of gray in black and white. They perceive a different reality, even if it is caused by the same spiritual substratum or actuality. Only scientifically can be speculated about what that “actuality” is. Spiritual Masters have often told us that truth can only be personally encountered and not considered.

The state of all phenomena is what philosophers of all ages are after, and this is what they call “Fact.” We must convey actuality as the Law of Energy; and truth, as the Law of Perception and Sensation, the various phenomena we know. The private reality of no one should be accepted as the Absolute Truth, as it is unpredictable, ever-changing, ever-changing in nature.

The Rational Mind Can Be Misled

It may be needed to clarify this concept of truth and perception much more explicitly: our realizations. Thus our reality is what we know in our minds. What really exists beyond our target, daily awareness, and experience, is “actuality,” the actual state of things: a whole continuum of vibrating energies at varying frequencies. The actuality is noumena, whereas reality is a phenomenon. Often the rational mind is misled by what it thinks and perceives. A nervous disorder can cause a different form of sensation and perception than a healthy, functioning nervous system.

A sensitized nervous system could also produce more environmental stimuli than negative energies and undeveloped neurons, dulled nervous systems. There is a dual role of the Central Nervous System (CNS): it transfers impulses from sensors to brain receptors. This is the afferent feature thereof. Its other function is to send impulses to the effectors from the brain— to the muscles and so on. This is the CNS’s primary role. In a way, the CNS is a source of information because it gives us the experiences with which we can learn and understand our surroundings.

Meridian Channels

Meridian Channels

On the other hand, it could also be a way of ignorance because it blocks us from vital personal impressions with which we could understand nature further. Nevertheless, people are constructed in such a way that we can obtain and be conscious of stimuli or forces that emanate not only from the third dimension but also from the higher dimensions.

In addition to the Central Nervous System, there are also the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems with both psychic and known physical functions. While these three nervous systems contribute to the physical body, these equivalents are also present in the etheric sheath.

These are called “nadi” in yoga. In acupuncture, they are called “meridian channels.” These channels are interrelated and interconnected with the three above mentioned physical nervous systems. The more these subtle and gross channels unfold, purify, and upgrade, the more information we can gain from the physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions. This can not help but change our personal reality and consciousness level.

Though referring to the physical level concerning one’s personal reality, it should also be taken into consideration that the usual five senses are often fooled by external stimuli that create hallucinations in consciousness. There are many examples of this; parallel railway tracks at the horizon, for example, seem to join. Another illusion is that which for centuries has fooled humanity, that the sun is orbiting the earth. We realize that the reverse has been discovered by Copernicus.

Although the conscious mind with its senses is susceptible to deception, it is even more so for the subconscious mind. One striking feature is that visions, delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, and objective reality can not be separated from each other. Everything is real to the subconscious mind, regardless of what excites or stimulates it. A person who dreams of running will break out in sweat physically, just as if he were running in a practical and objective sense.

A person hypnotized to believe that a cigarette would “burn” his body, even though the “burning” cigarette was something else. The flow of body chemicals and hormones would be physically triggered by a person fantasizing about sexual thoughts. Therefore, there is revealed a natural law whereby our mind can be made to believe and act upon the conviction in accordance with what we impose upon it.

personal reality

Pretending to be inferior allows the subconscious mind to release the associated energies in the form of chemicals and reduce the radiation value that would maintain and retain the belief. Feeling inferior, for instance, decreases the strength of the aura, and hence the charisma of one. Believing in one’s indignity disrupts the body’s immune system’s harmonious functioning and reduces the vitality of the body. Animals are resistant to the energies we radiate through our aura and minds as well as some humans.

As an illustration, we would shine a weak magnetic character and have an unfortunate effect on our environment if we do not have self-confidence. A prospective employer or customer would sense this uncharismatic vibration consciously or subconsciously and would then deny our request or plan. Employers don’t just evaluate us with what we’re saying or with the resume we’re putting forward. They also assess us with what they “feel” about us. It applies to a lot of other cases, of course.


The actual state of nature is devoid of anything perceived by our senses as light, sound, smell, taste, and feeling. This is demonstrated graphically in psychological studies, which say that there is no noise in the case of a tree drop in a forest without anybody present because there is nobody to hear it.

Sounds occur only when the mind transforms into concrete perceptions of sounds originating from a source. The same applies to the other senses. If we don’t see the tree in the wood, the tree wouldn’t exist. Its actual state is just vibrating at a specific rate of energy. Our realizations can be regarded as “Maya” or cosmic illusions because they do not reflect the actual state of things.

We are impermanent, forever in a state of becoming, or a state of change, while, as we mentioned earlier, the actuality which awakens consciousness can be regarded as reality. It is the perception, knowledge, and understanding of this reality that will free us from death, from the realm of relativity and duality, and from the world of delusions that bind us to a process of reincarnation that never ends.

Falsehoods make a man-made karmic-generator. It is by transcending the dualistic brain that picks between realities, many opposites such as “good” and “evil,” “strong” and “weak,” that we are set on the path of “Divine Thinking” and help us achieve the state of godhood or become a citizen of the Kingdom of God. Heaven is a matter of consciousness and vibration, hell is like that.

Mystics call the state of things “the Void” or “Emptiness.” This is made known to them not by the ordinary channels of perception, not by the external senses, but by a specific faculty in the microcosm which transcends the mind. This state of consciousness can be called “apperception” by intimate experience. It is a clear understanding of things that are, of what is, the interpretation of the reality stripped away from its many illusory appearances. Hindu mythology terms these manifestations “Maya.” It is the mind’s game, the gods ‘ divine dance.

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