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Have you ever wondered why you are not getting what you want?

Many people often say, “I didn’t ask for this” Yes, some people think that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me when it attracts something, but it does.

You see, the Law of Attraction does not hear the words ‘don’t,’ No’ and’ I don’t want it’ (as in,’ Don’t want that,” Don’t want it again!’) and it only answers to you, (your vibes) your feelings on the topic. When you feel upset about a certain situation, the Law of Attraction can give you more disturbing circumstances.

Not Getting What You Want is partly because you are having good vibes

A story sent to me by a reader illustrates what I mean: last night I attended a charity event (for which I paid 50 dollars) and contributed another 20 dollars in the form of raffle tickets for different awards. The idea was to put your ticket in the bowl that was the reward you won. None of the prizes have been thrilling for me.

In the bowl that seemed the best of the three, I put my card. And I said to myself as I did, “I just hope that I won’t win that gift card for a haircut.’ I knew that there were more than three awards and that I was sorry I put my ticket in that bowl, but it was too late to take it out.

So when they called the winners I thought to myself again’ I don’t want this haircut gift card.’ Then they called the numbers. I was so disbelieving when they read the number that I had to ask them to repeat it because I didn’t believe I won it-especially since I had said this plainly-‘ I don’t want this!’ you know this story’s ending. I reflected on that. Now the truth is, it’s a nice prize, and I’m going to use it.

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How To Stop Getting Something I Don’t Want

Responding to this simple question:’ If I don’t want it,’ What do I want? Sometimes it takes a while to answer this question positively, but taking the time to do this is the one way to stop attracting what you don’t want. If I don’t want customers late at our sessions, what do I want? Say, I have customers who are either early or on time.

What if I don’t want to nag customers to be paid for my services? Say, I want customers who cheerfully pay for my services with their credit card on time or early. If I don’t know what I DO WANT, according to the Law Of Attraction I’m going to attract what I DON’T want to into my life again and again. Can you think of something that has happened over and over in your life?

If so, either take 5 or 10 minutes and do the exercise:

  1. Write down what this repeated event is on paper. Tell me what’s going on and how you feel.
  2. So ask the question: If I don’t want to do that again, what do I want to do? Or, what do I want to feel if I don’t want to feel like that again?

Get an image, a concept, or a feeling in your mind of how you want it to be. Find the words that express what you want most accurately and write them on paper. This will involve all your senses to the extent that you will automatically start to attract more enjoyable events and situations. I included 2 free Journals below that you are welcome to download to get started.

Download a Free Mindfulness Daily Journal PDF or a Free Simple Line Journal With Leaves PDF.

I feel it is essential to make time for daily journaling for yourself, even if it is just a few minutes in the kitchen. It is how we truly get to know ourselves deeply. Try it, I think you will be surprised at the patterns you will see good and improvable. Days sometimes blend together, one day we can look and say how did I get here? Having a journal really helps give you a clear picture of how you are doing.

If you are needing a specific type of journal or mood tracker please email me from the Contact Page and in the subject write “Do you have this kind of journal?” and I am happy to see what I can do for you.

I do feel it is essential to make time for daily journaling for yourself, even if it is just a few minutes.

Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work To Attract More Money?

That’s the issue of many people’s minds. Sure everything works, but there are laws and tricks that will draw cash, which will alter the flow of money until you understand how everything works.

You may feel frightened, frustrated, or just stuck right now. There are plenty of ways to be learned and skilled, but everything is out of reach because you are short of money. Okay, so you still feel. Nothing you believe about money is true, even if you believe you need money to live the life you want.

There is a strong way of attracting people to put all jokes aside and it takes you to first become aware of yourself, your very nature as a magnet. You can suck money or anything you want to you if you know your own inner vacuum and how to use the spiritual center. The Law Of Attraction is a tool for you. You will increase your ability to manifest money or anything else you desire. You may have the Law Of Attraction to bring you what you want when you learn first of all how to gather intense magnetic power.

Be The Portal for Law Of Attraction

Be The Money Portal

That’s the real secret. You’re magnetic, and then draw what you want. Think of a magnet and how metals are pulled from all different angles. It’s not only drawn from one side, but it also attracts from several sides magnetically, and it’s very fast. It is resistant to all other metal types. This is the real secret for the application of the Law Of Attraction. Most people have the reverse Law of Attraction. You must first become the raw power portal. It’s such a great cosmic power that you can manifest anything.


Imagine you can charge yourself that all the things you want are irresistible. It will then be easier to apply the Law Of Attraction. No struggle will occur when you create a desire, because that desire will want you. If you understand the nature of energy, you will understand that all things in the universe are alive, including things we see as dead. Power can never be destroyed; the shape is ever moving and shifting. Money is energy, too. You will be followed by more magnetic money. You’re not going to chase money, but find your way to it easily.

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