The Power of Taking a Break

Sometimes life can get overwhelming We find ourselves overcome by the stresses of knowing all that we have left to do. When we are motivated to make significant changes, but we find that there is a lot of work to be done, it can cause us sometimes to stall out and freeze. The stress we feel from our lofty goals can be a huge obstacle and actually cause us to stop making progress. We need […]

Am I Meditating Or Sleeping?

Sleeping is one of the most many inhibitors of meditation. Perhaps when your eyes begin to roll and your head starts to nod. You may be in the middle of your meditation when you find out that you have been sleeping for the past few minutes and wonder am I meditating or sleeping? If you’d like life to enjoy the benefits of meditation on mental and physical health, it is best to remain focused so […]

Meditation For Health And Wellness

How meditation works You’ve likely heard about the health benefits of yoga in improving mental and physical health and improving flexibility, and you might assume that meditation is the same thing. Although meditation can certainly be incorporated into yoga, it is an entirely different practice. Meditation involves stopping your mind while maintaining a state of awareness. It is much more than sitting and concentrating in a quiet area for a designated amount of time; it […]

Meditation Benefits

As people age their brains lose weight and volume. These changes may start to occur in people as early as their mid to late 20s. Previous research has shown people who meditate to lose less brain mass over time than those who do not. That is one of many meditation benefits. In particular, the research concluded people who meditated showed less of a decrease in their white brain matter. Showing that the brain does benefit […]

Discover The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation’s most well-known benefit is stress relief. For potentially thousands of years, various forms of mindfulness have been used to alleviate and remove stress and anxiety easily, and sometimes immediately. These include the elimination of depression and the reduction of anxiety. Discover the benefits of meditation and how you can incorporate it into your daily life. These mental benefits may seem logically associated with a practice where you are calming your mind. Nonetheless, you may […]

Meditation and Trauma

There is an alarmingly high percentage of people who have experienced trauma. Whether in childhood or in your current life situation, trauma and grief are consistently associated with a person’s behavior and mental health. When we experience a traumatic event, the stress that our minds experience can completely change the way we interact with others, and how we experience the world from then on. Practicing meditation to help with trauma can help you heal. Most […]

Find Out Less Is More for Those Who Meditate

Many people assume that if you do a lot of something, it’s going to be better for you than if you do a little of something. Of course, this mentality is rarely applied to the foods we eat. Still, generally, we have the idea that bigger is better in a lot of cases. However, when it comes to the consistency of meditation, this is not necessarily the case. People who believe that meditating for a […]

Discover How Meditation Lowers Anxiety And Blood Pressure

Meditation is training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. Meditation is becoming more popular with people who are healthy after discovering its many benefits. It is popularly known to build awareness of yourself. Many people believe meditation is good for physical and mental development. Other things that people use this practice for is to improve sleeping patterns and pain tolerance. The primary goal of meditation is to clear your mind and to be […]

Insomnia Sucks

Insomnia Sucks In today’s day and age, insomnia is creeping up on a vast majority of people. Insomnia can be defined as a disruptive sleep cycle, whether because of difficulty falling asleep or because it is difficult to stay asleep. Most of the time, insomnia has roots in psychological disturbances. Which can make it hard for our brains to shut out our thoughts and focus on getting a good night’s rest. A lot of us […]

Meditate For Stress

Stress has influenced almost everyone’s life. All appear to be sitting in a pressurized cooker and have personal and professional commitments and deliveries. Sometimes the pressure is difficult to handle and you may get anxious and feel anxiety. Before that come close to happening learn to meditate for stress. It is always good to find ways to combat stress before reaching an intense point. In worse situations, you may have to see a doctor and […]