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The mechanics of fulfillment are inherent in each and every day with the Law Of Intention.

Intention and desire have unlimited institutional influence in the area of pure opportunity. And if we put an intention on the breeding ground of natural opportunities, we put this endless organizational strength to function properly for us.

Based on the fact that you always have an unlimited amount of energy and knowledge to build what you want. The whole universe is simply the movement of energy and information at the quantum mechanical (spiritual) level. And we all are made of the same pure raw material carbon, oxygen & nitrogen at the material level. All of us are physically, emotionally, and spiritually the same.

As people… We are fortunate because we can train our minds to be mindful of the energies and knowledge we want to create or dis-create in our lives. Because we are capable of conscious awareness, we can alter our reality’s energy and knowledge content (beliefs) and cause things to manifest or avoid manifesting in this way.

Law Of Attraction and law of intention

Fact: Conscious attention and intention will bring about change.

Energizes the Law of Attraction which then pulls your desires to you. Whatever you put on the increase in your attention. Whatever you take away from disintegrating and disappearing your attention.

Intention transforms your quantum information and energy into what you put on your attention by organizing it using infinite correlation until your desires are manifested! This is how the Law of Attraction, like a magnet, attracts your impulses to you.

Once you put your attention and intention artifact, an infinite number of events will be arranged to materialize your desires.

We feel proof in our bodies every day of this limitless organizing capacity. The human body can hear music, kill germs, make a baby, drive a car, talk, breathe, digest food, and at the same time, pump blood! You can deliberately train this marvel of limitless coordinating forces to manifest your wishes or to dis-create your fears.

Intention lays the foundation for the spontaneous expression of your wishes.

Desire, without action, usually occurs when negative attachment or aversions lace your intentions. Attachment/aversions are referred to in the West as harmful programs, blocks, or beliefs. Therefore, dis-creation is such an essential step in the conscious process of creation.

With strict adherence to the Law Of Intention, the intent is desire. You need to focus your attention on the actions you can take today that will manifest your intentions for tomorrow. Only the present is accurate and everlasting, which is conscious consciousness. If you are attached to the result, positive reinforcement will create a neurotic achievement identity.

If your useful purpose causes you to neurosis over your desire realization, just detach and give it to your Higher Power. Focus your attention on the daily actions you need to do to make your wishes manifest. Introducing The Law Of Attraction And Metaphysics 101 dives deeper into this topic.

Use the Law of Intention by agreeing to the following steps:

  1. I’m going to make a note of all my intentions. I’m going to carry with me this list everywhere I go. Before I go into my stillness and meditation, I will read this list. Before I go to sleep every night, I will read it. I’m going to read it in the morning when I awaken.
  2. This list of my intentions is released and given to the body of creation, trusting that there is a reason when things do not appear to go my way and that the universe’s plan has designs far greater for me than even those I have thought of.
  3. I will remember to practice awareness of the present in all my actions and thoughts. In the present moment, I must refuse to allow distractions to overtake and dissipate the value of my energy. Through my deepest, most cherished intentions and desires I will accept the present as it is and manifest the future.

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