The Real Meaning of Mindfulness

The Real Meaning Mindfulness As adults, we are repeatedly told to improve, plan for what’s ahead, and use lessons learned from the past to shape our future. Although thinking about the past and future are healthy and necessary for a well-balanced life, only thinking about the past and future can be anxiety-inducing, especially during complicated or chaotic points in life. Mindfulness is a beautiful way to step out of the chaos and to step into […]

Is The Law of Attraction A Lie

Is the Law of Attraction a lie? Some say you would be wrong if you said the Law of Attraction is a lie, others would say they would agree and think the Law of Attraction is a huge lie. Think of the Law of Attraction like this and then you will see why it is indeed not a lie. I’d like you to imagine a garden. This is your garden and it can be any […]

Fear Is A Liar

Fear Is A Liar Fearful thoughts are the condition of the mind in which all is perceived by a dark, gloomy lens.  All seems to be sensed to the futility of effort, the “I Can’t” principle, instead of the “I Can and I Will” principle… It is the harmful weed in the psychological garden, which tends to kill the precious plants. It is a fly in the ointment, the worm in the wine of life […]

Rituals Are Important

Rituals are an essential part of the process of manifestation Those who apply the Law Of Attraction successfully acknowledge that there is a cherished method for it. We all perform rituals all the time, every day you get up to a fixed schedule, and drive to work. It’s a ritual when you brush your teeth.   When applying the Laws Of Attraction successfully, a constant ritual of learning and practices must be developed. You skim the […]

Use The Law of Attraction To Reduce Stress

Have some stress in your life? The Law of Attraction and reduce stress can help you develop the balance you need. And while the majority of stress reduction strategies are arbitrary, which means that what works for you may not work for others, the attraction rule will work for almost anyone. The Law Of Attraction utilizes the power of the mind to achieve a particular result where the conscious and subconscious thoughts are concentrated. It […]

Law Of Attraction And Weight Loss

The Law of Attraction and weight loss work together. When people seem to think about the factors about themselves that they would most like to change, weight loss often tops the list. Whether you want to raise your self-esteem, strengthen your fitness, or maximize your disease resistance, there are countless reasons why you may want to be smaller than you are. It’s also notoriously difficult to lose weight, however. And, it’s equally challenging to keep […]

Law Of Intention

The mechanics of fulfillment are inherent in each and every day with the Law Of Intention. Intention and desire have unlimited institutional influence in the area of pure opportunity. And if we put an intention on the breeding ground of natural opportunities, we put this endless organizational strength to function properly for us. Based on the fact that you always have an unlimited amount of energy and knowledge to build what you want. The whole […]

Introduction To The Law of Attraction

Are you a student of the Law of Attraction who finds yourself saying stuff like, “I wonder how it will come?” or, “What do I need to find out, so I know what to do next?” Avoid trying to figure out what your manifestation will be like. This is not your job. Here’s a great ebook that helps the outsiders figure it out and explains the absolute power of the brain and how Law and […]

Positive Affirmations for Change

The first thing you need to look at before creating your own personalized affirmations is to visualize your goal. Be specific and be sure to put in all the details – the outcome, the behaviors, attitudes, and traits you would like to see yourself develop in order to get there. Visualization is key

Cause And Effect Theory

The idea of Cause and Effect Theory has been touted by the Buddha and scientists alike. The idea is simple: actions have effects, and effects are the result of actions. For example, saving money leads to a certain effect. Spending money has a different set of effects. This simple idea isn’t challenging to understand, but it’s easy to underestimate the power it holds. The right actions will bring the results of your desires. Use the […]

Karma Explained

Have a vision and a path to continue things in your mind. The world’s great cathedrals and temples, the pyramids, the modern earth–vehicles, aircraft, and starships, all the wonders of the past and the current, all began out as ideas, visions. A couple of hundred years ago, the idea of a flying machine would have been incredible for individuals, many people would have made fun of such a notion, but somebody dreamed of it and […]

Thoughts Become Things: Meaning

Thoughts Become Things: Meaning Does our past dictate our future, or do we allow it to? We are where we are because of our thoughts in the past. Thoughts become things. We consciously or subconsciously always think about something. The problem is that we usually think more about things we don’t want, than about the things we want. It doesn’t matter if we want or don’t want something, we’ll get what we mostly think about. Try […]

Not Getting What You Want

Have you ever wondered why you are not getting what you want? Many people often say, “I didn’t ask for this” Yes, some people think that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me when it attracts something, but it does. You see, the Law of Attraction does not hear the words ‘don’t,’ No’ and’ I don’t want it’ (as in,’ Don’t want that,” Don’t want it again!’) and it only answers to you, (your […]