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Have a vision and a path to continue things in your mind.

The world’s great cathedrals and temples, the pyramids, the modern earth–vehicles, aircraft, and starships, all the wonders of the past and the current, all began out as ideas, visions.

A couple of hundred years ago, the idea of a flying machine would have been incredible for individuals, many people would have made fun of such a notion, but somebody dreamed of it and now airplanes are part of our daily lives.

It is a great disaster that so many of us let our hopes be crushed by reality. There was a time when we dreamed of wonderful and amazing things; as adults, learning to dream again is one of our most important jobs. If you don’t have any hopes, you’ll be in a wheel like that hamster, there may be a lot of movement, but no progress will be made.

We should differentiate between attraction and addiction. Desire–and dreaming–alone will not get us anywhere; to be sure, this is a necessary requirement, but we also need a deep internal urge to make such dreams come true. When our dreams are a boat, we need a skipper to push the ship and stop it on its way. We need to be self-confident, optimistic, and trustworthy. Would the plane have been invented if Orville and Wilbur Wright were not motivated to see their visions become reality?

Setbacks and hiccups

They are possible, but if you want to succeed, resignation is not a choice. I don’t mean to suggest that life is supposed to be a war–I think the opposite is true. A ship’s skipper doesn’t struggle to stay on course and the better the skipper, the quicker it seems to be able to direct the boat. Yet they won’t have the energy to hang on, to keep moving on, even in the head, without ambition. For clear annoyance. We will get lost in the desert, maybe trapped in a rapture of visions, and the land of milk and honey will never be seen.

Issues in practice, of course, from commitment. If you’re ready to achieve your goals, you’re going to act. But there is the best way to act and the wrong way to act. Determination should not be associated with either combat or speed. Some minor tasks can achieve great outcomes–a walk is one step at a time, and a great tower is built on top of one stone. Eventually, the’ dripping tap’ enters a full tub.

We’re going to get nowhere without objectives and without the desire to achieve them. Living, however, is a mystery at last. The potential we can’t know. So we need to be hospitable to the normal flow of things and let life take us where it may, not to fight, not to bail. There is a higher wisdom than you or I –call it providence, call it Allah, call it the Tao–and we should always try to agree with it. Brawling with nature is fruitless; dealing with the normal grain of matter, with little energy output, could give capital success.

Huge sailing vessels can fly vast distances only borne by the wind and wind up on rare, unexpected, and yet spectacular new shores. The boat would never have been designed or set sail without a plan and a determination to act, but without an appreciation of nature’s inherent course, without setting out at the right time and tracking the wind and tides, the crew would struggle to get nowhere.

Giving back to people is among the simplest ways you are able to contribute to a healthy society. Why, then, do so few do so? For many, the idea of giving away hard-earned money is crazy talk. For other people, there are just not enough hours in the day to give back through volunteering.

Abundance Includes Giving

Your life will be transformed eternally when you are able to learn the value of giving. You’re going to start looking for more and more resources and mechanisms to offer soon. Here are just a few explanations about why it is so important to offer.

Giving affords more possibilities for you

You can see more and more doors opening up for you when you will find it in your heart and soul to give something back to other people. Giving anything of yourself helps you to take things in more space. Once you send, the opportunities that come to you are endless. Sharing encourages you to be thankful.

The greatest lesson always found about sharing is that you have more than you will ever want. Opening yourself in that way helps you to be more thankful for what you have, rather than dwelling on all the things you don’t have.

Sharing makes room for more things to take in

The act of sharing, above all, opens room for you to take in more things. Giving to the world is like a cryptic message saying  “You are at your mercy and free to receive your own gifts”. You’ll probably feel like you’re up against a brick wall until you’re able to make room to get those presents.

Give an idea or pattern that may seem too easy for you. If so, you might not be willing to open up in such away. The simple act of sharing will set the ball in motion when you are ready to take on bigger and better things in life.

Good Karma

What precisely is it, and what sort of impact can it have on your life? Karma has been talked about throughout history in various religious doctrines and occult writings. It’s a topic with many misinterpretations. Let’s take a break from the traditional cast of karma and explore it for what Karma really is.

Karma put simply, is the accumulated positive or negative result of the development of your emotions, actions, and truth that influences your present reality.

Karma is your own private insight into the reality-mirror and the self-confirmation inside time and space in which you express yourself. Time is a crucial factor here as some assume that on a seven-year cycle is the human karmic stream. That means your cumulative conditions should change every seven years to match your behavior from your previous seven-years. And, if you were kind to others seven years ago, the value will reflect your current truth; other people will be kind to you.

I hope you can see the (positive and negative) consequences here. Seven years later, whatever resulting misery you cause on yourself or other people will bounce back on you. “You reap while you sow” is an expression very beautifully and correctly describing karma.

For example, a bad crop will be created by the reckless farmer who tosses seeds anywhere and abuses his ground. When the seeds grow into tiny, delicate plants that glare at him as he passes by, the initial effort later is lost. But the scrupulous farmer, who closely watches and manages his sowing, will reap a big harvest revealing all the fruits of his labor. It’s with luck, too. Seven years later, a positive, loving life will be awarded a good warm reality; seven years later, an abusive, mean life will recover with an exploited, mean reality.

Now, in fact, karma can be very good, and that mind frame is the right way to look at karma. For example, the health condition, it’s also a karmic wave by-product. Over the next seven years, a healthy disposition toward yourself and others will bring a karmic surge of wellbeing to you. Keeping in mind that karma can be goodwill also help you smoke out any negative attitudes or forms sooner and have more of those positive facets created in your life. Weeding these negative facets out of your life does not mean dwelling on them to the detriment of everything else.

You must also understand all those good karmic habits that you also have, otherwise you will never realize the positive side of karma and see it as the great oppressor forever, rather than the great liberator as it really is. The trick, of course, to liberate yourself from a negative, bad karmic wave is to start building a new positive, nice karmic wave.

You must immediately stop any action or behavior that is harmful or disrespectful to others or to you. Patience is the second part of this equation. You should give them time to create and bring your region inside your aura to your reality and your new karmic surge. Rushing won’t get you there much sooner, but waiting will simply drive away your positive, fun truth much longer and get you to reap a grim, filthy reality for that much longer.

And we’re talking about karmic (plural) trends. The karmic stream around you is a dynamic flow of energies made up of every aspect of your life. All pieces of one karmic wave are money, prosperity, friendship, etc. Just change certain elements that are harmful to yourself and others; leave those that are beneficial to you and others.

Your thoughts and actions should also be covered. By not having an instinct that was harmful or damaging, you took the first move. The second step, though, is to remove from your mind the idea of that instinct. You know you hear! Thoughts bring their own kind of karmic ripple with them.

For example, if you always feel (but never say) that everyone around you is unintelligent, everybody will think of you as unintelligent (and never tell you) seven years from now. In this example, you can see the twisted humor, can you not? It would be better to get rid of the idea that’ everyone is unintelligent’ right out of your head, and you won’t be held hostage in your life for seven years now because everyone assumes you’re unintelligent. It can only harm your wealth if you are seen as unintelligent.

Always have positive thoughts about yourself and others!


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