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The Law of Attraction teaches us how to understand our personal preferences by observing how things feel and by asking ourselves “What feels better?”

We think about ourselves in a way to achieve great personal freedom and happiness as we spend time to experience our sensations. But how do we feel ok?

I tried to live according to a set of standards or beliefs until I discovered the Law of Attraction and how I attract people, circumstances, and opportunities in full compliance with my vibrations. I remember when I asked my pastor if he could provide me with a rundown of these values so that I could make sure I was on the right path. I did all I could to be the perfect mother, a loving housewife, and a selfless Christian. I figured I would be content, too, by conforming to what other people expected. I haven’t been a happy, happy person. I was an emotionally and increasingly physically painful man.

But the Law of Attraction taught me when something does not feel good because it indicates that something is NOT good for me. Something that is out of sync with who I am and all the goals I have accomplished will NOT feel good. WOW! WOW! I put my hand on a hot stove and tried to feel comfortable with the discomfort. For so long I’ve dealt with constant emotional and physical pain that I was weak. (A third-degree burn is painless because all the nerve endings are burned away.) One day the truth finally dawned upon me. Nobody can tell me what’s best for me I can only think. And the way I say is by realizing how everything feels, then searching for the best feeling, response, idea, or thing.

The law of attraction is most understood when you see yourself as a magnet getting more and more of the way you feel. Abraham Hicks


Understanding and fulfilling my personal preferences helps me to fulfill my entire life of course. All I’ve set out to do in my life is already ingrained in me. The way I’m learning the curriculum is to note and obey what gives me great joy. This is probably the fastest and easiest way to achieve. I felt like I had wasted thirty years of my life by continuing to survive bad relationships before I discovered the Law of Attraction. Yet I felt drawn to life within 5 years after applying the Law Of Attraction as described in this article. About two years ago, I realized: “Today, I’m exactly where I would have been, had I behaved anything during my first 55 years of life.” That’s a GREAT feeling!

Now I say to my students, “Your personal preferences are as different as your fingerprints, and you alone can do those things in this lifetime, and your desires are there to direct you to live a life that is most happy!” Are you looking in this light? Did you ask why you don’t suit the crowd?

Did you ever feel’ stuck’ in life? I say “stuck” completely-immobilized, frozen, and incapable of making the right choice?

I felt totally trapped a few years ago. I found a business chance that seemed to be an ideal situation for me and also seemed to be very lucrative. But, during my involvement with this company, I had experienced burnout many times and had to admit that something was wrong with the whole thing. I spent two weeks in touch with the parties, hoping I could find the answer I needed to know how to proceed if I had some space. But at the end of the two weeks, I was just as uncertain as I had been before, and I didn’t know if I could either partner or partially withdraw or drop out fully.

I went to a nearby resort to try clearing my mind and seeking an answer. I still didn’t have a clear idea of what to do after two days and nights. I tried so hard in my mind to sort it all out, and my rational mind wasn’t helpful. Eventually, in desperation, in the middle of the night, I wrote: “I need a new framework, a totally new way to look at my life and make choices.” I put in a tape the next day, that a new friend gave me. Even though the tape was of poor quality, I learned something that became my new framework: in you, you have a goddess vibration meter that tells you what is good and good for you. This vibrational meter is your thoughts. If you feel good, it’s good for you. If there’s something that doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t.

I immediately knew that this business proposal was NOT ideal for me because I didn’t feel completely good. I actually got ill and tried to make myself feel right when I did not.

What a blessing this new framework was for decision-making. I was honest and respectful that I did not precede the business partnership AND wrote a list of features I WANTED in a corporate partnership immediately. Within a few days, I met my current business partner who matched that desired list perfectly.

You never have to determine with your mind if you know this vibrational meter. You must never streamline or justify your choices. You just have to know that “that doesn’t feel good,” “that doesn’t feel good,” “that feels great!” to know what’s right.

Sometimes I receive emails from people who have learned of the Law Of Attraction and are still stuck. You’re sure what you want. We remain focused on their dreams, yet it seems to be too sluggish when they are or are completely out of reach.

There was an example from one such email: “I tried to attract a good friend in my life and have been really focused on it over the last three months. I posted positive affirmations in the mirror of my bathroom with optimistic quotes like’ I’m now married to a wonderful person,’ etc… Perhaps all these comments and optimistic words should have generated the desired result by now. Yeah, this person probably focuses too much on his wish and actually avoids the law of attraction to deliver. Three aspects are to be remembered in relation to the Law of Attraction: once you become clear about your desire and feel satisfied with your mental image and good feelings, the Law of Attraction reads you loudly and clearly, and the delivery process is in motion.

If you only get crystal clear, the wish will be obtained as efficiently as possible.

The Law Of Attraction doesn’t listen to your thoughts, but you do read how you feel about this desire. When you make assertions that are not valid, for example: “I have a fantastic wife”— when you do not, the rule of beauty just receives the opposite vibration from the vibration” I have no spouse.

So, what are you supposed to do with that desire about which you were so clear?

Hold it in your peripheral vision instead of your concentration.

Here’s an exercise to see how to do this: keep your focus on this article on the computer screen. So, tell me, on the far right, what do you see? Don’t move your head, just feel it.

All right, tell me now, in the upper left sector, what? What’s in the bottom left area? What’s at the edge of your sight field? And what about the bottom?

You know what’s there without concentrating directly on the object.

Now, let’s say that you want to toggle one of the items in your periphery on and on. You’re turning your hands so the light is the object of your vision, BRIEFLY, as you turn it on.

This is the best way to fulfill your simple desire: keep it on the outskirts of your dream once you have clearly expressed or written your wish. Move ahead with other things you enjoy. You know when to concentrate on your desire— perhaps you have changed your mind about a detail— or you just like to imagine what it feels like to live your desire.

I use 3 sentences to write my wish message, which lifts my pulse, and then put it away in a file folder. When I am on my computer, the file folder is in my left peripheral vision. Normally, until it is completed, I seem to’ forget it.’ So I search for this particular statement of desire and find, to my utter delight, that ALL I asked was fulfilled!

The bottom line is that: if it feels good, fun, playful, and exciting to center your appetite, please be careful. But, when you pressure yourself to focus, you actually cause resistance that can cause a delay. If you have realized how long it takes for your wish to come— you slow the process down.

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