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Secrets of how to be happy

Everybody needs to learn the secrets of how to make life truly happy. Most people on the planet are, without a doubt, still in search of happiness, a quest that many of them have likely begun from the moment they first heard about the idea of “happiness.”

Have you ever thought about what it takes to be completely happy? Many people have tried to seek relationships, wealth, and success. Most of them have reached the point where they realize that happiness doesn’t really come from outside or from the world you live in. In essence, happiness comes from deep inside you, lying inside yourself in that hidden location, waiting for you to eventually tap it and free it from its prison.

Happiness is something you’ve had inside of you for a long time. Finding happiness inside yourself is similar to peeling an onion, with each layer reflecting your emotions, fears, and negative beliefs. You will eventually hit its very center when you peel away and layer (who you are not) (who you are). And it is then that you will discover your life’s mission and meaning. Finally, you will discover yourself and understand the real significance of happiness.

You don’t have to put yourself in a room and meditate for the rest of your life to be genuinely happy. There are many things you can do to be genuinely happy. In this post, you will discover what it takes to indeed be happy.  

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What is happiness

Happiness is a mental condition that happens while one is in the right frame of mind. You don’t go out of your way to find it. You don’t even have to search for it. Happiness, in fact, lies inside you, beginning with you and ending with you. Happiness, at its most fundamental level, is about rediscovering your true self. While some people pursue happiness through their wealth, job, money, or success, you must realize that happiness is something you choose for yourself.

So, what are the fundamentals of happiness? What are some things you should do to start being genuinely happy with your life?

Master your body

Your body comprises trillions of cells, all of which are your own and your own responsibility. You are the master of these cells. They are actively functioning not for the good of other people but only for you. These are your cells in your body, and they only exist for you. First, to begin on your path to happiness, first gain control of these cells, take care of them, and be responsible for them. By doing so, you gain mastery of both your mind and body.

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You are special

Newborn babies basically share the same degree of happiness as they have given birth to this planet. However, their level of satisfaction continues to change as they get older. One simple rule to be happy is that you note that your fundamental nature is gentle, vibrant, and full of passion, energy, and love.

You should never compare yourself to anyone because you are special and unique. And this individuality is something you need to explore. If there’s one thing you don’t like about you, don’t ever blame your parents, others, and most importantly, yourself. What you need to do is understand its presence and accept it as it is. Instead of complaining, what you can do is make an effort to remove this one thing that you don’t like, and you can allow yourself to be happier about it.

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Reclaim your mind and body

If you are genuinely ready to be happy, you will need to reclaim your mind and body from all negativity. Remove anxiety, resentment, ego, tension, hate, rage, and stress from your system. Be mindful of your destination and visualize you’re going to be there. Take it easy now. If things are bound to come, they’ll only come if you want them to. Once you’ve learned how to balance yourself, how to be yourself and how to clear yourself, the next step is to fill yourself with as much positive energy as you can. Fill yourself with faith, goodness, compassion, good thoughts, appreciation, desire, and love. When you do, you can actually tell yourself that happiness is within your control.

Why people are so sad today

With all going on in the world, all the conflicts, natural disasters, viruses, and other kinds of crises affecting people. It is no longer shocking that many people eventually wind up unhappy, or even worse, depressed.

If you’re feeling down or you’ve got the blues, then you should know you’re not alone. Every single person, at some point in his/her life, is sad. Suppose you are depressed and believe as misery will last forever. In that case, it will undoubtedly seem as if life will never get better. But in more situations than not, the sad feelings are short-lived. Most of the time, they pass long before the end of a day.

If you are very down, it will feel as though the whole world is unsympathetic and unpleasant to you. Deep inside you, you feel the hurt that seems to break, not only your soul but your entire heart as well. Consequently, much of the time, you find yourself struggling to the extent where the tears are difficult to avoid. For most people, crying alone is a form of self-soothing that often helps them feel better. When sorrow begins to fade away, that is when you feel as if you can finally feel the long-lost weight being taken off your heart, and all that is left is a feeling of happiness.

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Reasons for sadness

It is a normal human emotion to feel sad at times, even though it only lasts for a little while. Maybe you didn’t have the opportunity to have the one thing you have always wanted to happen. Perhaps you were conscious of the absence of a close friend or family member. You may have been rejected by another, or perhaps, you just don’t feel that confident with yourself.

Everyone has many reasons why they feel so sad one day, and it could be something unique that is happening. One of the most common reasons for feeling sad is a loss. Having seen friends and/or loved ones die in tragic circumstances, realizing you will never see them again will undoubtedly cause feelings of sorrow. Besides the obvious stuff, such as losing a loved one or a pet, gaining weight, or moving to a new place, the loss of friends can also be enough of a cause to be sad.

Social interactions are always the best way to have fun and make us happy much of the time. However, sometimes unpleasant situations can still make it not matter. Today, many children fight with other family members, mainly their parents, as they struggle to grow up and gain independence. Today, many people are disappointed by workplace relationships with their coworkers or when their manager doesn’t really acknowledge their contributions.

However, the most popular explanation why many everyday men and women are depressed is their self-image or how they feel about themselves. It is well known that adults, in particular, do not like how they look. Depression may make people feel inferior to others, whether at school, work, or other areas of their lives. It is possible to observe it being brought up, particularly when interacting with the opposite sex. It can then bring up a bit of shyness for specific people, and for them, they won’t have that well of a conversation on the same subjects.

While it can be very understandable for people how they feel depressed, focusing on the pain would do nothing to help. It is best to concentrate on the positive. At the end of the day, satisfaction is something that everyone can strive to achieve. Many people do it to help improve their physical motivation or to improve their mood.

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What is true happiness?

Are you happy today? True happiness must take into account experienced happiness and remembered happiness.

Happiness is a particular state of mind that is encountered every day. An example of this will be if a friend asks what you are doing right now and how happy you are. This is the sort of satisfaction that comes from what you do for a given period of time. Remembering happiness represents how you think of yourself in general. This is how you react when asked, “Are you happy with your life?” This is how you recall those years you had in school, your summers, holidays, your careers, and all those other experiences you had in your youth. Recalling old memories helps gain insight into what you consider to be significant.

It’s not shocking to find that the experiences of happiness vary from time to time. Although people who earn more money tend to be more optimistic about their future and tend to be more confident about their general feelings about themselves than those who earn less.

The wealthy individual can have a greater responsibility in the way they construct their wealth. He may face higher pressure in his career because of a large house to maintain, busy family life, and being subjected to a demanding spouse.

Even though these people are rich, there is a logic that they might experience less happiness and contentment in their personal lives. Another side is that a minimum wage worker considers themself less happy because they lack the kind of luxury they think they want. But in fact, they experience true happiness and pleasure with their jobs, families, hobbies and thus tend to have more happy moments in their day.

While happiness in the past and present are vastly different things. One can believe that if one has recognized happy moments in life and the mind, one will have real happiness.

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Just be happy

Would you like to live a happier life? Would you like your connections with others to be healthier? Would you like your career to be successful? The answer can only be discovered by your mindset. You are living in a world that depends on you to make decisions.

This is something that is generally overlooked. If you believe it or not, this similarly benefits everyone. When you complain about those things you do not like, you do not want more things to enter your life. Focus on things that make you happy, and then you will be happier in life.

Happiness, as they say, is a choice, which means that if you want to be happy, you will indeed be happy. Happiness is a state of mind that you want for yourself. It has little to do with making other people happy or receiving their approval. In fact, even if you believe it, the amount of satisfaction in your life has nothing to do with what other people say or do. Happiness isn’t something you can get from other people’s approval or behavior.

Can you really make up your mind to be happy?

The answer is yes, you can make up your mind to be happy, it is a choice. The empowered happiness mindset is set on the principle that you can still be happy despite the things that happen to you or whatever dire circumstances you might be in today.

Your happiness comes from within you. Happiness can only be experienced if you have established a connection to your core self, that part of you that lies deep within and never changes. Suppose you decide that you will be happy right from your core. In that case, you are the one who has the power to identify the degree of happiness that you will experience.

Suppose your core self is not being overpowered by hormonal or chemical challenges or overshadowed by your mind’s incessant chatter. In that case, there is a high chance for you to experience the so-called “unconditional happiness.” Your core self can stick to its decision of being happy and not falling apart or giving in to discouragements once it encounters less than perfect conditions.

With an empowered happiness mindset, you know how you should allow life to happen and stay open to happiness, whatever your circumstances might be.

Traditional happiness ideas vs. new age ideas

When you dream of happiness, you probably dream of that one place where suffering is absent – a place with no guilt, anxiety, melancholy, and mood swings. With the present way of life of many people, most of them indeed look forward to that one day when all their mental worries will subside. There will be no more reasons to experience pain, tension, and sorrow.

But unfortunately, all these things are just part of a mythical place. This is the kind of place that society would want you to believe exists, just another fantasy you’re living only in your imagination. The place consists of just another wealthy gold pot sitting at the end of the rainbow. When discovered, it will give you comfort and prosperity.

The traditional happiness ideas revolve around this mythical place with perceived security and comfortable luxury. However, there is no way for this ideal to come to reality because of one law of life, which can be easily summed up in a single word – change.

Change is everything that life knows. Your assets, your moods, your relationships, your liabilities, as well as the other things whatever your cultural idea might make you believe. Disasters, death, unexpected tragedy, war, illness, heartbreak, and the simple anxieties of daily life can continue to interrupt what you believe to be a happy life. Your most excellent satisfaction will lie not in the constancy but in the transformation as a human being.

True happiness is about accepting, embracing, and even laughing at your pain for the modern era. Its intention is to realize that your pain is a normal response to stressful changes and that it is necessary for your growth.

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What does “be happy” mean to you?

Right from that very moment of your birth, you never got the chance to choose the kind of life you will live. Back then, it does not even matter a bit. Being a newborn, you had no care at all about those things that matter to the grownups around you. When you reached that point when you understand the difference between happy and sad, good and bad, when you find yourself trying to feel good, it is when you finally start to wonder. What is the real definition of happiness? How do you find it?

Happiness is not something you can buy from a nearby market or even Amazon. If it could be, then all the people in this world will definitely have their pockets empty. It just means that people with little income will still be robbed of the chance to be happy.

But this is not the case, of course. Happiness is something that emerges from inside, the result of all your actions. And, despite being intangible, happiness isn’t necessarily elusive. So, before you talk to yourself negativity and ultimately giving up on your search for happiness, I want you to feel empowered. For this, you have to know how you should set goals to be happy, truly happy.

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First, you have to determine the things that make you feel bad. Identify each one of them by writing them down on paper. If you want to be genuinely happy, you have to identify the reasons for your sadness because it is the only way for you to face the issues head-on. While laughter is considered the best medicine, it will indeed not feel right, especially when all you want to do is cry your eyes out or scream at your lungs’ top.

Happiness will only come if you will address those things that induce negative feelings such as sadness, guilt, anger, and so on and so forth. After writing down the things that make you feel bad, the next thing to do is write down those that make you feel good, small or big alike. Of course, you cannot do all that you want, for there will always be things that will hold you back from doing so, but there is no need for you to fret.

You will only have to manage your time and set your priorities. In goal setting, you will learn to manage your time so that you can fulfill all your duties and, at the same time, do those things that can make you happy. And last but not least, you should never let other people wipe away that hope you have in finding real happiness. When they tell you that you can’t find it, prove to them that they are wrong. Empowerment for happiness is about not letting others bring you down and fighting for your right to be happy. After all, you are entitled to it, and all you need to do is choose.

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Empowerment mindset to be happy

Having a happy mindset is very powerful and is not something that you should underestimate. In just a single day, you have thousands of different thoughts. Only some of these are actually happy and positive. It is not a secret that a happy person has happier and more positive thoughts than an unhappy person. When you think positively, you are also given an improved clarity and courage, and confidence in facing the day that lies ahead.

Adopting the empowerment mindset to be happy helps you in determining your own path instead of following others. Sad to say that through negative thoughts like jealousy, fear, and anger, people are thrown off their path, losing their ability to think and acting effectively. But suppose you try to have a happy mindset instead of an unhappy one. In that case, you can undoubtedly attain more incredible things in your life. You will have the chance of being a happier person overall.

When you are happy, a more exciting future waits ahead of you. While being unhappy and thinking negative thoughts often places you in a vicious circle where you continue to be afraid and fearful, causing you to act defensively. It tends to push other people away from you, creating more problems as you become lonelier and more afraid than ever.

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Following the empowerment mindset to be happy as you travel in the path of life can help you feel better. Leading you to become a more robust and even more stable person. With this kind of mindset, you will be entirely in control and not someone who will be easily pushed around by others. While there will always be bad days and negative things that will happen. Learning to see the positive side of these things and learning how to avoid such situations will help you stay on your road to happiness.

Thinking is an automatic thing, which means changing your thoughts can take effort and time, though it is not necessarily impossible. By adopting the empowerment mindset to be happy, you will learn how to think positively, leading to a longer, healthier, and happier life full of happy thoughts only.

Becoming empowered to be happy

Many people look for happiness in other people rather than inside themselves in their pursuit to be happy. Many believe that a promising career, additional money, better relationships, and other things will deliver them the happiness they seek.

However, the fact is that true happiness, and inner peace can only be found if you look inside yourself and learn to be your own best friend. It means that you must love, trust, and care for yourself in the same way that you love, trust, and care for others close to your heart.

Five pointers to help you in your pursuit to be happy:

  • Give positive rewards to yourself. If you have done something you are proud of, try giving yourself even with just a small reward. If possible, never wait for praises from others because if it does not come, you will end up feeling resentful. Patting yourself on the back every once in a while doesn’t hurt. In fact, this is a great feeling which will surely stay with you within an extended period.
  • Try picking yourself up instead of dragging yourself down. If there is something about yourself that you dislike, make an effort to change it. Accept it as is if it cannot be adjusted. Never go for negative self-talk because it makes the situation worse.
  • Learn to forgive yourself. You will not scold a person repeatedly for a mistake that they made, so never do such a thing to yourself as well, for it will not do you any good. Forgiveness is a gift that you can endow yourself with if you made a mistake. After that, try figuring out the lesson you learned, using it as an inspiration to make better choices in the future. Treat others with forgiveness as well. No one likes to be consistently be reminded of past mistakes or judged for them.  
  • Take pleasure in your successes. Many people can still clearly remember the details of embarrassing, painful, or depressive events several years ago. What if you try doing precisely the same thing with the wins and successes you had in the past? Instead of wallowing on your downfalls, why not remember your accomplishments and trials and keep their memory with you? Thinking about these successes at least once every day will surely make you feel good.
  • Start a daily routine. Whether is a morning routine or an evening routine. Allow this time for yourself to bring balance to your mind and peace to your heart. Take a look at my five-minute guide to morning rituals. You will learn what a morning routine is, why you should have one, and get a few easy morning ritual ideas.

Never forget to celebrate all the beautiful qualities that you have! The best and most important tip for becoming empowered for happiness is learning to love yourself. As you do so, you will also be able to love others around you. They will also start to love you even more!

A good mindset to be happy

No matter where you live or whatever race you might belong to, it is easy for one to get stuck in a rut, emotionally and intellectually, which can cause unhappiness. Many studies have revealed the causes and effects of happiness, with numerous benefits being happy, professionally and personally. Your happiness can be negatively affected by outside influences. Most of these are out of your control, such as bothersome coworkers, death, or even the weather.

There will also be those uncontrollable situations, and during such cases, happiness becomes a choice. It is easy to be engulfed in self-pity once you start to feel sad or stress. Still, by adopting the empowerment mindset to be happy, you can keep a positive and happy mindset. One good thing about this mindset for happiness is that you will actually be more motivated to face daily. You will not experience that laziness of waking up every morning. Instead, you will be more energized to face the day. You will feel happier, and if you are happy, you will also be more optimistic, allowing you to focus only on those good things with your life.

This empowerment will also help you to become more creative and productive. An unhappy person is more distracted, less productive, and more sluggish. They also have higher chances of getting sick. But if you are happy, you will feel better, be more energized, and have an improved focus that will increase your creativity and productivity. If this happens, you can efficiently and successfully finish all the things you are set out to do while still having some spare time doing the things you really enjoy.

If you are a happy person, more people will start to like you. It is good to be around a happy person who smiles more often and has a more uplifting and positive attitude that inspires others. Unhappy people can bring negativity to those around them, causing unhappiness and negative thoughts, unpleasant for those around them. On the other hand, happiness is contagious, making other people around you much happier, making you more positive and uplifted.

The empowerment mindset to be happy only has good things about it. There is nothing terrible about it, for, after all, there is indeed nothing wrong with being happy, is there? This kind of mindset needs to be adopted for everyone. If it happens, the whole world will become a much happier and better place to live in.

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At the end of the day be happy

There is only one thing that I hope you understand from this post: the source for happiness is within you. Real and genuine happiness can only be yours, whatever the circumstance you might be in right now, by looking inside you. While short-term happiness can be yours with pleasant circumstances, this can actually chronically distract you in your pursuit of the long-term type of happiness.

The primary ingredients for you to obtain real happiness are summarized as follows:
  • Recognize that your emotions and thoughts are not “you” in essence, for these are just products of the mind that can come and go as they please.
  • Never abandon short-time pleasures but be more selective in opting for long-term happiness over short-term pleasures.
  •  Consider your heart as the instrument that will guide you in making the right choices, helping you find happiness in the long term.
  • Try to give your mind undistracted rest and time. Set aside some time in your calendar for peace of mind that can be used for contemplation and creating new spaces within your mind.

While living in this world is far from perfect, and there will always be times when you will feel the weight on your shoulders, it must not stop you from being happy. As being said over and over again, happiness is actually a choice, not something that just “happens.” You, not other people, will decide when you will be happy. Being happy is a matter of will. If you willed yourself to be happy, then there is no reason not to find that happiness.

May this post serve as your guide and inspiration in reaching and experiencing genuine happiness! Never look for happiness anywhere else. Instead, look inside yourself, and you will find that one thing that you have long been searching for!

Share this post with your friends, family, or someone you want to be happy. Comment below on how you have found your happiness or what your “be happy” routines are.

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