Bath Soap And Salt Recipes

You can save money and at the same time know exactly what your bath products contain by making your own with simple bath soap and salt recipes. Mason jars filled with home-made salts or homemade soaps make an excellent holiday gift. Place a small toy inside for the child or maybe a special something for an adult in a handmade bar of soap. Check out our post on the Science Behind Beauty and why we […]

Making Candles 101

Since the early days, the art of making candles has been around. They became very different in nature as time went on than they were back then. Candles have always been a need for radiant heat and light in the older days. Today they serve in our homes as decorations, uniquely smelling scents, and provide warmth for fancy dinners and baths. It is not fully known when the first known use of candles was. The […]

Making Hand-Dipped Candles

Creating candles is a great hobby. Once you get the feel for it, the process is quite simple. Seek to learn for those who have the basics down cold with the art of making hand-dipped candles. While these exquisite models take more time, they’re awesome. You can use multiple colors for a unique color scheme on each candle. There are basic tools you need to produce hand-dipped candles. If you have candle-making skills, most of […]

Importance Of A Butterfly Garden

“Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life. And everyone deserves a little sunshine.” -Jeffrey Glassberg People love watching butterflies as they gradually and graciously float through the water. If you never have, I highly recommend you do! Butterflies in an often imperfect world have elegance and beauty. They give us insight into nature’s environment and how magnificent and dynamic it is. But the butterfly […]