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Find Your Holiday Zen

The Holidays Are Already Here! Do You Feel Stressed? Did you find your holiday Zen? There’s a bunch of things to be doing, there’s no time to do it, and the level of anxiety is about to explode. First, breathe and calm down, support is at hand. Follow some ideas on how to cope with holiday pressure, and you’re going to emerge unscathed from the festivities.

The Holiday Pressure!

Next, you need to define the unique pressure zones. What’s that going to get you all heated and upset? Problems with the family? Cash anxiety? The anticipation of an occurrence that you’re worried about? Sit down with a pen and paper and write a list of your significant stressors, you’ll be on the right track to cope with those stressors so you can relax and enjoy the holidays.

Yoga, with its focus on relaxation and relaxed postures, is well recognized as a method for stress reduction. To anxiety sufferers, gentler types such as Hatha yoga, which is widely available, are preferred, and it is best to search for an excellent teacher and practice the method rather than attempt and perfect it from a book or DVD. Tai Chi and Qi Gong were two standard exercise techniques promoted as stress reduction strategies.

Sweat It Out!

It is also a good idea to start or sustain a regular exercise schedule during the holidays. Exercise activates the brain’s feel-good endorphins, which aid one to combat both stress and depression. It also allows us to focus away from our everyday worries, such as holiday expectations, and on the task at hand. Just going for a walk or a workout will offer you all the pressure-reducing benefits of exercise while also allowing you some space and time to yourself–both of which are important in the battle against holiday tension!

Find Your Holiday Zen

Meditation is another perfect stress-buster with the great benefit of doing it almost anywhere. It ensures that during a scenario or occurrence that triggers such symptoms as a Christmas party, you can even use it to alleviate pressure symptoms. One way to do this is to choose a soothing rhythm, an expression, sentence, or idea which you replay in your mind quietly over and over until you know that your stress levels are subsiding. Transcendental Meditation is based on this concept and has helped millions of people manage stress.



Whatever strategy you choose to help you deal with the stress of your vacation, make sure you supplement it with adequate rest and a healthy diet. Try to avoid excess alcohol, caffeine, salt, and sugar and instead concentrate on fruits and vegetables that are filled with vitamins. For example, the holidays are all about over-indulging, but if you adhere to a generally healthy lifestyle, you will be better able to cope with overloading the body. The old saying about a healthy body equating a healthy mind is valid, but taking care of yourself always means reducing the risk of succumbing to vacation pressure.

The Christmas Pressure

For many individuals, the pressure of Christmas is probably up there with stressful events like moving homes or switching careers. The constant preparation, shopping, and cooking make an already overwhelmed process, both incredibly tiring and frustrating.

Christmas may turn out to be the final straw for those people who are already struggling with anxiety, driving them over the brink and into a full-scale breakdown. To stop this, you need to set up preparations far ahead of the holiday season to help you to cope.

First and foremost, prepare for all while being versatile with your plans. It may sound contradictory, but it helps to set up systems such as existing stock lists, food shopping lists. General scheduling of events, bearing in mind that all of these can be modified or altered. Holding a balanced attitude decreases stress and anxiety. It allows you to let things flow through you instead of battling potential challenges and schedule adjustments.

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Maintain Expectations

It seamlessly links up with my other essential Christmas pressure busting strategy to maintain the expectations realistically. All too often, at Christmas time, we want everything to be okay. Why? Because the media floods us with images showing us how it is going to be. The irony is that nothing is flawless, and that’s where there are issues. We put too much of a strain of responsibility on ourselves, and we get depressed as we fail to meet such standards.

Inform yourself that everything you can do is the most you can do. The other key point is to recognize that only our actions can be regulated and not that of other individuals. While you can do your best, it may not be so welcoming to those around you. Social squabbles, aggravating relatives and friends, if you let it go, can all conspire to spoil Christmas. Nonetheless, by taking the right approach, you will guarantee that you are not stressed out by any of these circumstances.

Just Let It Go….

The best way to do this is to remain away from the actions becoming disrupted by other people. Let stuff wash over you again and refuse to react. By refusing to respond, you inform the person concerned that their conduct does not have the desired impact on you. Continue to tell yourself that this is their issue, not yours, and you’ll find it much easier to keep tension free.

Take Time For YOU

Another perfect busting idea of Christmas pressure is to make sure you take yourself ample time off, ideally daily. It can be anything like sitting in a hot tub or meditating, or you can participate in a seasonal treat like a massage or manicure. When everything seems stressful, and you experience signs of anxiety occurring, then the only thing you need to do is to escape in this way. Stay away from the source of stress, and you can come back fresh and appreciate all the holiday season’s joys. After all, that’s what Christmas is all about.

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