End Fear Using Of The Law Of Attraction

Fearful thoughts are the condition of the mind in which all is perceived by a dark gloomy lens, in which all seems to be sensed to the futility of effort, the “I Can’t” principle, as opposed to the “I Can and I Will” principle… It is the harmful weed in the psychological garden, which tends to kill the precious plants found in it. It is a fly in the ointment, the worm in the wine of life cup. Fear is a liar!

The first man to use “Fear-Thought” now famous to all as far as we know, was Horace Fletcher, the well-known poet, who invented it to compensate in a particular context for the use of the term “Worry.” He had kept pointing out that anger and worry are the two great hindrances to a well-balanced, happily developed, and progressive mindset. Still, many had misunderstood him and urged that the removal of fear meant the dissolution of any consideration the future, a lack of ordinary prudence and forethought.

So Fletcher coined the word “Fear-Thought,” to describe a step of his concept of’ forethought without worry and he entitled a very happy description of a very happy idea in his second book on the subject,’ Happiness is found in Foresight without Fear-Thought’

Fletcher was also the first to suggest that fear was nothing but an interpretation of fear and thoughts, a state of mind process recognized as Fear-Thought Thinking. He and others who wrote on the subject taught that fear might be eliminated by the process of abolishing fear. Feeling from the Mind. By pushing it out of the mental chamber. The best teachers taught that the key to getting fear (or any other unwanted mental state) out of mind was by fostering the feeling of the different condition of mind by requiring the thought to focus on it.

The analogy has often been mentioned that the way to drive darkness out of a room is not to force it out but to open shutters and let daylight pour in, and that is the only way to neutralize Fear-Thought.

The mental process has been appropriately referred to as “vibrations,” a figure which has full influence in modern science. Then, by elevating the vibration and energy to the positive pitch, negative vibrations will be counteracted. Fear-thought can be neutralized by creating and maintaining the positive characteristics suggested in the other articles on this site and in this program for balancing your life, Learn more here. Fear-thought venom is sneaky and deceptive, but it slowly spreads through the bloodstream until it paralyzes any productive effort and action, until it consumes heart and brain and makes it hard to recover. You must not let this happen. Fear-Thought is at the root of most failures and adverse outcomes in your life.

So long as a person keeps their courage and trust in themselves and belief in others, after every struggle, they can stand and confront the fear with resolve. But let yourself feel the effects of fear-thought and be controlled by them so profoundly that you can’t turn it off, and you will never grow and will fail miserably. There is nothing to fear but fear,” it was well said.

We spoke elsewhere about the Law of Attraction, which works to attract what we want. But there’s an opposite side of this—-it’s a law that won’t work both ways. Anxiety and fear will set the Law Of Attraction and desire in motion. Just as desire draws into one of the things that you portray in your mind as the desired thing, fear also draws to you the image as a fearful thing. The explanation for it is rather clear, and the inherent contradiction disappears when we evaluate the matter.

What is the pattern of the Law Of Attraction under the power of desire? Of course, the mental image. And so is the fear. The person carries a mental image, or a spectral picture of the fearful object, and the Law of Attraction, just as the desired thing brings it. Have you ever stopped thinking that fear is a desire’s negative pole? In both cases, the same rule functions.

And stop fear-thinking just like the poisonous draught you know will make your blood thick and dark and your breathing hard. It’s a vile thing and that you shouldn’t give up until you have banished it from your mind.

You can get rid of it through positive thoughts, your desire, and strength, together with the mental image of fearlessness. Turn it around by cultivating the opposite. Shift your polarity. Raise your mental energy and waves in consciousness.

There Is No Devil But Fear

Someone said, ‘ There is no Devil but Fear’ You must send the Devil back to the place where he belongs because if you entertain him hospitably, he will make your heaven a hell so that he can feel at home. Beat him with your psychological big positive stick of love and faith.

The New Year is a new year and a new set of goals. 10 ways to say no for fear. How many of you going to see in through the end? And how many, because of a simple four-lettered word, would drop by the way. FEAR.

Fear comes to the best of us, whether it’s fear of failure, fear of success, or fear of fear. During some point in our lives, all of us have encountered fear, which can be a huge hindrance to our success.

But do not be scared, there’s a way to overcome these doubts, and what better time than this New Year to start.

Here Are My Ten Quick-Acting Tips For This Year:


See the truth of the situation as to what it is. Be fair and make the facts understandable. Search your soul and start exploring your mindset of the situation. Remove doubt. Believe in yourself and others.


Isolate your fearful thoughts from the specific aspects of the situation. What could be the worst thing? Change the way you look at these stimuli and adjust how you react immediately. Do not blame or point fingers at others or think wrongly of them.


Be in sync with where your fear is in the mind. Use it as an indication to tell you when something is needed. You should rely on what you are aware of and truth and not the misconception and untruth you may believe. Or doubt in yourself or others.


When you observe something, you do it from a detached place. So if you become an observer of your fear, then you’re not in it and reacting instinctively.


Control your internal discussions. Avoid and change the script to constructive if you hear negative self-talk and negative thinking. Continue to repeat it daily. Think positively. Believe in yourself and believe in others.


If you feel fear, create a picture of something or someone you love and want. Keep repeating, and soon your brain will add something much more enjoyable to your fear trigger.


Forget the worst possible and develop policies to prevent or reduce the likelihood of it. This is what can you do to make sure that the worst-case never happens? NEVER think about it! Your thoughts control you. If you think evil thoughts, life will be wrong.


Perception is a powerful thing. And how you think about your circumstance determines how you react. Dream right, then, and you’ll have a much better chance of succeeding and happiness.

9. LEARN HOW TO Think Positive

Since fear occurs in the emotional part of the brain, acting instinctively is natural. So when fear or doubt rises, break the cycle of fear by stopping, creating space for positive thinking and love. This will calm you down and bring peace to your emotional rationality.


There’s no need for fear if you feel safe. One of the easiest ways to deal with fear is to build the safest possible atmosphere. And that’s why training, practice, and practice again are relevant.

Finally, don’t let fear hold you back this year from achieving your goals and maximum potential. Remember, this is your life, your choice, so live your most magnificent life! Believe in yourself and others. Do not doubt or think wrongly of yourself or others. Love yourself and always think positive and beautiful thoughts of yourself and others. Strive to be the best you!


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