#1 Secret of How To Be Happy

Secrets of how to be happy Everybody needs to learn the secrets of how to make life truly happy. Most people on the planet are, without a doubt, still in search of happiness, a quest that many of them have likely begun from the moment they first heard about the idea of “happiness.” Have you ever thought about what it takes to be completely happy? Many people have tried to seek relationships, wealth, and success. […]

Detailed Explanation Of What Mindfulness Is In 2021

What is mindfulness? Life is full of changes, challenges, and chaos. It’s easy to be swept away by the seemingly endless list of assignments, tasks, and deadlines that continue to pile up without even noticing it. In your body, mind, and spirit, this may cause you to feel rundown. Once you find yourself feeling this way, it may seem almost impossible to wake up to the beauty and benefits of life. This can then make […]

5-Minute Awesome Guide To Morning Rituals

5-Minute Guide To Morning Rituals  I don’t know about you, but I don’t really fancy the mornings. It seems that no matter what time I go to bed, I don’t want to get up in the morning, especially when it is cold or rainy outside. The cozy bed is just too tempting! One of the best ways I motivate myself to wake up is to have morning rituals to look forward to when I hop […]

Common Obstacles To Building Resilience

Common Obstacles To Building Resilience No one wants to be mentally weak. We all want to be resilient and be able to weather the storm. However, this isn’t often the case. Below are some things that can keep you mentally weak regardless of your effort to build up strength mentally. Getting Stuck To the Past You cannot recover from a setback when you keep thinking about your past. Indeed, you are hurt, and it’s natural […]

Dangers Of Bowing Down To The Pressures Of Life

Dangers of Withering Under Pressure When you physically, mentally, or emotionally break down when facing difficult periods, you have a lot to lose. It shows that you are weak in some areas and shows that you have not been mentally prepared for the days of adversity. Here are some of the dangers of bowing down to the pressures of life. Depression According to the National Network of Depression Centres, one in five Americans will be […]

Examples And Benefits Of Adversity

  Examples And Benefits Of Adversity In the last post, Experience is the best teacher. I explained the fact that adversity happens to all. Contrary to popular opinion, famous and wealthy people also experience turbulent times that could have derailed their upward trajectory. This post will look at some specific examples of famous people formed and molded in the furnace of adversity and people who persevered. They had failed before but refused to let those moments […]

Experience Is The Best Teacher

Experience is the best teacher. Adversity is the most accomplished trainer. No one really ever wants to face misfortune. We would all have preferred to go through life, enjoying the ride without bumps. However, things are not always as planned, and life is not a bed of roses and chocolates. There are always thorns somewhere. In this post, we’ll explore how the troubles that come our way have come to make us, not break us, […]

The Real Meaning of Mindfulness

The Real Meaning Mindfulness As adults, we are repeatedly told to improve, plan for what’s ahead, and use lessons learned from the past to shape our future. Although thinking about the past and future are healthy and necessary for a well-balanced life, only thinking about the past and future can be anxiety-inducing, especially during complicated or chaotic points in life. Mindfulness is a beautiful way to step out of the chaos and to step into […]

#1 Unique Visualization Meditation

#1 Unique Visualization Meditation Once visualization meditation enters your life you’ll have clear goals that you’ll want to achieve. Perhaps the future does not inherently have to be determined by tradition and conformity. Perhaps you want to have more money or a better career or just be happier. Whatever the possible goals are you have, anyone can achieve them by visualization meditation. A lot of people use the Law of Attraction and visualization meditation to […]

Is The Law of Attraction A Lie

Is the Law of Attraction a lie? Some say you would be wrong if you said the Law of Attraction is a lie, others would say they would agree and think the Law of Attraction is a huge lie. Think of the Law of Attraction like this and then you will see why it is indeed not a lie. I’d like you to imagine a garden. This is your garden and it can be any […]

14 Natural Healing Alternatives

14 Natural Healing Alternatives These 14 Natural healing alternatives focus on healing pain and disease by balancing out other aspects of your life. Sleep, nutrition, and stress can affect your body, so adapting health plans with these in mind is important with alternative medicine. 1. Qi Gong One of the most potent energies and natural healing alternatives passed down from China’s ancient traditions is considered to be Qigong. It’s the skill and science of utilizing […]

10 Best Air Purifying Plants

Air Purifying Plant Benefits If you’re like most people, you worry about the quality of the air you’re breathing. There’s just so much pollution nowadays, from factories and industries, vehicles, and second-hand smoke. Adding air-purifying plants in our living spaces will help clean the air we breathe. It’s not just the outside air either… Inside, you’re exposed to that same air, plus whatever toxic chemicals happen to be in your cleaning products or the paint […]

What Is A Balanced Life

What Is A Balanced Life Are you able to find balance in your life? What is a balanced life anyway? Some claim that you can have a balanced life, while others suggest that if you want to be successful, there is no such thing as a balanced life. You can achieve a high level of success and enjoy the most important aspects of your life. You just have to find balance in your life. What […]

The Amazing You

The Amazing You. You owe it to yourself. The brain-boosting program is a system-based method for elevating brain performance, improving psychological well-being, increasing physical strength, and boosting productivity. (Skip to video) The Amazing You helps people to realize their potential in their own personal lives. Marion Neubronner has a sense of modesty herself. She never boasts about her abilities to teach people to make the best out of their potential. This product will give you real […]

The Healing Power Of Journaling

The Healing Power Of Journaling Journaling sparks your mindfulness and helps you remain present while keeping a clear and true perspective. The healing power of journaling is different for everyone just like not all journals are the same. Each journal is as different as the person who wrote it. That is the best part of journaling. There is no right or wrong, just you, a pen, and your journal.   Self-Reflection Questions: What effect does […]

Positive Coffee Facts For 2021

Positive Coffee Facts For 2021 Coffee has health benefits! Let’s face it, most of us are bleary-eyed, staggering when we first wake up in the morning with feet dragging. Yet when the delightfully delicious and oh so amazing scent of coffee tickles our nostrils, we break, sigh and lean in the direction of it. Here are 6 positive coffee facts for 2021 Coffee helps combat infection Caffeine can help protect our brain cells from exposure […]

How To Stay Positive When Surrounded By Negativity

How To Stay Positive When Surrounded By Negativity We often end up being in a negative environment for a short time or sometimes even in the long term. It becomes hard to remember how to stay positive when surrounded by negativity all the time. Especially with what has been happening in our world lately. The best example of this is unemployment. In this economic condition when everyone is losing his or her jobs, negativity often […]

Psychology of House Cleaning 101

Psychology of House Cleaning 101 Stress can be reduced by cleaning if you have the mindset. It may seem like a no brainer for some and a surprise for others that stress can be reduced by cleaning, the psychology of house cleaning stress is highly associated with clutter and cleanliness. While living with depression can often increase the risk of clutter, studies have shown that the more clutter you are surrounded in, the more stressful […]

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Throughout social settings, social anxiety is characterized by extreme anxiety and self-awareness. Sufferers of this syndrome are deeply concerned that others are watching and/or judging them and are worried that their own actions will humiliate or shame them. During periods like the holiday season, since more social events and gatherings take place, some of which are expected, social anxiety is relatively standard. It can be a crippling social phobia that interferes with both work […]

Fear Is A Liar

Fear Is A Liar Fearful thoughts are the condition of the mind in which all is perceived by a dark, gloomy lens.  All seems to be sensed to the futility of effort, the “I Can’t” principle, instead of the “I Can and I Will” principle… It is the harmful weed in the psychological garden, which tends to kill the precious plants. It is a fly in the ointment, the worm in the wine of life […]