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The  Transformation That Occurs When You Combine Two Of The Best Brain Reprogramming Techniques

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short. and therefore it’s like someone had taken the best out of all methods of psychotherapy, placed them in a blender and developed NLP.

If you don’t get what I’m trying to say, NLP is multiple things.

First, it is a mindset. It’s a guide for how to address your life to become more successful. It’s like a theory of life-based on knowing how the brain functions.

Second, it’s also a psycho-therapy method. It’s used to combat phobias and to alter perceptions in patients. Most find it as good as CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) yet most believe it’s a lot quicker than the Freudian school of thought.


Because at the heart of NLP resides hypnotherapy. To be more precise, the “behavioral changing” aspect of NLP is based on the theories of Milton Erickson, a famous hypnotherapist. Do you understand what hypnotherapy is really doing?

It’s access, a hack, to your subconscious mind Let me give you this analogy. Picture your mind as a computer The conscious mind accesses services, turns them on, off, etc. Standard access for people. Your subconscious is like going into the settings, downloading, removing programs, adding new users, etc.

It’s the “driver” that manages everything, or the “backroom.”

Okay, NLP is like a hacker who can crack and change the password of your subconscious mind. It enables you to change your beliefs and change to your heart who you are as a human. It goes to those deep thoughts and ideas that you don’t even know you have and lets you act differently by changing your basic self-concepts.

It cuts off your subconscious mind, and it’s doing it very well.

And using NLP, you can remove phobias, alter simple tastes (as you don’t like chocolate anymore), or even heal past wounds like those from childhood. It’s a good thing. This works well, and some of the world’s best-known authors embrace this. Tony Robbins built his career and reputation on NLP, and if you’re running a survey of successful people, you’ll see many of them becoming NLP practitioners or masters.

You can’t mess with what’s going on.

So why am I doing this to you?

If NLP is like a hacker that changes your subconscious mind to become the person you choose to be, if NLP is like a development tool that allows you to reinvent who you are, then brainwave learning is a tool that makes it easier and faster.

If NLP is the thief cracking the lock-pick, then it is like having the best lock-pick in the world using brainwave entrainment, rendering the operation easily.

And what does that mean to you? It’s clear.

Use the two. Using NLP’s incredible power to change perceptions and ideas of self-identity and use brainwave learning power to help the subconscious mind be open and receptive. Using brainwave synchronization to open the door and switch the furniture with NLP.

Music is a simple way of understanding this.

Think of it and how easy it is to improve you. You listen to an album and you don’t even listen to the lyrics. And yet, if it’s a sad song, you’re getting sad. If it’s a fun track, your enthusiasm will be enhanced. You end up thinking like in the song when you listen to it many times.

Music is a great example of a device that accesses without even knowing your subconscious mind. You turn on YouTube and you end up being one with the music through repetition and emotion.

Have you tried to read a book that you didn’t want to read? Perhaps for a college or a job?

You read the words; in your mind, they’re verbalized, but you end up losing everything. We “enter and exit for one year.” This is because, in your conscious dimension, the subconscious mind is as open as it comes and training can not happen.

That’s why I’m using all my resources with NLP.

Brainwave learning is amazing to help the brain function at that higher frequency. For your work, they’re like vitamin C, making it all better. And if you’re using brainwave training, this is enough to trigger so manifest better things in your life as you’re going to operate at a higher level.

Yet… Real, lasting change does not come by adding things in our lives, but by changing who we are in order to make such things a normal order. It is when we change our values and beliefs that we turn into people for whom achievement and happiness are two natural things.

And the NLP fits so well here. This works for everything from overcoming spider phobias to getting past PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) to training you to be more relaxed before a crowd or more assertive with your colleagues.

This is because while short-term wins are good-you have to become the person who is automatically successful if you want a successful life. And the only distinction between you and a successful person is that the other person has established such a person’s beliefs and identity. If you also grow them, nothing will stop you from doing just that.

I’m building my “Manifestation Magic” software around the NLP.

Each audio includes embedded secret commands reprogramming the subconscious mind. Like a good hacker, brainwave syncing opens the path to your subconscious mind while NLP commands transform you into the best version you’ve ever been able to be.

These are called “NLP patterns” and are crafted by the subconscious mind to be as easy as possible to obtain them. I do this by mixing pace, intonation, and wording to allow your mind to recognize them as orders, as reality, without becoming defensive. It’s like art, it’s just so much louder.

Essentially, what a hypnotherapist would tell you to put you in a trance is an NLP template. It’s a highly suggestive word that bypasses your logical filters to enter your subconscious mind where it matters most.

NLP plus brainwave learning is like changing your mind with a hacker. NLP alone can reach your unconscious thoughts, but the effects are mind-blowing when combined with brainwave learning. For days when all the other approaches you have tried for a long time like counseling failed, you can see a real change.

This is the Manifestation Magic key.

That’s why it’s working. It works because instead of simply using brainwave training to help you operate at a higher frequency, higher vibration, it also changes who you are at your core. The outcome is a complete personal transformation into the person that you always wanted to be but never knew how.

To learn more about how Manifestation Magic can benefit you, click the link below.

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