Recover Your Balance Of Life With Understanding Chakras

In reality, Chakra is the Sanskrit word that means wheel. There are seven essential chakras and several minor chakras in the human body. These seven chakras start at the bottom of the spine and end at the top of the head. Mostly, these chakras have a steady revolving and turning energy axis.

The root of the first Chakra is slowest, while the crown of the seventh Chakra rotates more rapidly. If these chakras are dysfunctional, unequaled, or distorted, the lifestyle is typically out of alignment. Weariness, fatigue, and other health problems may occur. In such cases, it is necessary that the disturbed chakras are opened and their balance restored.

For each Chakra, relaxation comes from a single, complementary color and a range of gemstones. Such chakra shades are primarily of 7 rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. But don’t go crazy when you open your chakras, as an opening so large can lead to excessive universal energy in your entire body. This will then contribute to an excess of resources.

The chakras have a clear connection between themselves and also the state of their respective organ. 

Human energy chakra system, ayurveda love asana vector illustration. Sahasrara and ajna, vishuddha and anahata. Human energy chakra system, ayurveda love asana vector illustration


The following lists are the seven chakras and their associated organs in the body:

1st Chakra – Root Chakra (Muladhara)
Our root chakra is at the bottom of the spine and affects our basic needs and desires. Connected to large intestines, anus, and has some effects on kidney functioning. Picture a glowing red light near the base of your spine to increase energy in this region. Attention may be strengthened by holding a Ruby or Garnet crystal when meditating on chakras.

• 2nd Chakra – Navel Chakra (Svadhisthana)
In the lower abdomen associated with the reproductive system, the uterus, the testes, the urinary system, the bladder, and the kidneys, the naval Chakra is connected with real emotions, in particular love, lust, and passion. This Chakra can be triggered and clear by focusing your attention on a bright orange light in that area. Holding amber crystals when meditating on Chakra will help focus.

3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)
It is above the navel, just below the chest, and is associated with the gall bladder, spleen, kidney, intestine, and stomach. Focusing on this topic is considered to be beneficial in issues concerning self-control, restraint, and ego. It helps if, in this region, you visualize a pure yellow light. To deepen the meditation, select amber or gold.


4th Chakra – Heart Chakra (Anahata)
The heart chakra, connected with the heart and body, is the source of love, empathy, and forgiving. You can use chakra meditation to concentrate on a glowing green light in that area. This will help clear the bitterness, guilt, and anger emotions away. Using emeralds and malachite crystals can help with concentration.

•  5th Chakra – Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)
It is just below the chin and is connected with the throat and lung area. It’s useful in helping you with the problems of truth and knowledge. It can allow you to communicate clearly, empathically, and experience. The throat chakra is aligned with the color blue, the use of turquoise or blue topaz can improve focus.

•  5th Chakra – Brow Eye Chakra (Ajna)
The brow chakra is just above your pupils, right in the center of your forehead. It is connected to the ears, region of the nose, eyes, and brains. It is the source of spiritual understanding. Imagine an indigo glow in this field when solving personal questions or issues. Using Lapis lazuli and sapphires will help with the emphasis.

7th ChakraCrown Chakra (Sahasrara)
It lies at the top of your head. It is synonymous with self-actualization, spiritual knowledge, motivation, and the higher self. Linked to the whole being, that does not correspond to any organ. Focusing on the Chakra will help you increase awareness and intention and create a bond with universal wisdom. It is expressed by the violet pigment and can be enhanced by the use of crystal amethyst and quartz stones.

7 Benefits of Chakra Meditation

Meditation activity aligns the seven main chakras (which corresponds to the major endocrine glands of the body) with the influence of the environment and of the universe. Performing this practice is relatively straightforward as long as one continues concentrating on one chakra at a time while having a clear mind. 

Just stay still with your spine straight and concentrate on the Chakra while taking a large, deep, slow breath. Start focusing on the root chakra, and then gradually work your way to the crown chakra. Ensure you are in a relaxed position with no distractions from the environment. When you concentrate on each of the Chakra’s visualize light beams coming out of you and hitting the world. The hope is to feel a sense of connection to all around you. Spend between 3-5 minutes per Chakra, and do not usually take longer than 30 minutes. 

Though effects can not be obtained in a short time, there will be many advantages with 30 minutes of daily meditation; among them are as follows:

1. A more positive outlook for your thinking processes as well as the comprehension and interpretation of activities and behaviors. 

2. Increased attention, sensitivity, and memory.

2. Heightened imagination, enhanced resourcefulness due to better vision. 

4. Better and deeper sleep; you will wake up more rested in the morning, and deeper sleep will also be better for overall health.

5. Reduce stress in all parts of your life because you’ll have better emotional balance and better endurance 

6. Health and wellbeing levels improved. It helps lower blood pressure, which, in effect, can help prevent heart disease and strokes. It will also reduce the impact of depression on chronic illness sufferers.

7. This obtains a healthy and harmonious interdependent role of the main chakras of the body with each other. With that, the biochemical, emotional, and spiritual elements of the entire organization become more nourished and counteract the physical, emotional, and spiritual contaminants that purify the body.

Tips for active chakra meditation

Seven chakras go from the base of your back to the head crown. We reflect on various aspects of your mind, body, and soul. Each of them governs a specific part of the body, but also other spiritual elements. They can also be used to alleviate other common illnesses, including heart disease, stomach problems, and even mental health. When practicing chakra meditation, here are six tips: 

1. Please familiarize yourself with chakras.
To accomplish self-healing and growth, you need to understand the primary 7 chakras and how they function, what they mean, and how they contribute to various areas of the body. 

2. Set aside time to meditate in a quiet spot.
You must also customize your environment with things related to this meditation. For example, a full chakra map is used by many people to help them concentrate on a single chakra. Maybe using colored candles, or carrying stones or fabric, or illumination to help you imagine the different chakras in your head.

3. Hold this exercise to yourself.
This is to avoid mockery from your friends or relatives that can then lead you to lose your faith and resolve to continue. You can do so honestly even when they see the difference in you and inquire. 

4. Be careful and persistent.
The reaction of each person to this mediation is extraordinary in that they have their own unique problems. One individual can feel the effects immediately while it may take weeks or months for others as their chakras may be out of balance altogether. Therefore, the results can take time, and they need regular maintenance even after realignment to keep them that way. Consider that as a promise in life.

5. Create targets and follow them.
Whether this is to help heal other parts of your body or to align your chakras, you should always have a purpose. 

6. Be modest.
You do this exercise to make your life better, not make yourself better than anyone else. When people begin to notice the difference in personality, your positive outlook on life, or your ailments start to go away, don’t boast about it. That may render the chakras out of sync.

Steps To Unblock Your Chakra

Chakra therapy reflects on the different energies inside our bodies. There are 7 recognized chakras, and we believe that they are our consciousness vortices; they allow the essence of life to float in and out of our aura. Such vortices vitalize the physical body and grow our self-awareness. The trigger why you need to open your chakras is that a blocked or wrongly balanced chakra prevents your powers. Creating disharmony and a very depressive or gloomy feeling from circulating around your body. 

In this cycle, you will recover a balance of life that is vital to both physical and mental recovery. The steps involved in chakra meditation are relatively simple, and one chakra should be centered at a time. 

Young woman at crystal healing session in therapy room

Methods For Unblocking Chakras 

Visualization by Meditation

A highly effective and easy to use method, where you meditate and clear your mind to concentrate on the Chakra and imagine the color. You can then focus on the target you want to accomplish.

The Crystal Method

As the name implies, this method requires crystals to be used, which are held directly on the Chakra or over the Chakra for at least three minutes (but not more than five).

Sound Therapy 

In this method, Sound Therapy Music bowls can be purchased with detailed instructions. 

The Soothing Massage 

A full body massage is an effective method to unblock the 21 chakras in the human body. It also serves to activate the vital systems and to promote healing.

The right balance of exercise and nutrition is needed to maintain a healthy body, particularly in your chakras and aura, and to maintain proper diet and exercise.

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