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Sleeping is one of the most many inhibitors of meditation.

Perhaps when your eyes begin to roll and your head starts to nod. You may be in the middle of your meditation when you find out that you have been sleeping for the past few minutes and wonder am I meditating or sleeping? If you’d like life to enjoy the benefits of meditation on mental and physical health, it is best to remain focused so you don’t have to wonder again was I meditating or sleeping?

Having Adequate Sleep Before You Meditate

Nodding off is a sure sign of sleep deprivation as soon as you being meditating, and the struggle is widespread. According to a study conducted by Dr. Oz, nearly 80 percent of Americans get less than the average seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Practice these tips so that when you’re meditating, you can apply them the next time you start to feel drowsy.

  1. Be consistent – One of the most common rituals for sleep is to go to bed and wake every day at the same time. Stick to your routine as much as you can on the weekends.
  2. Your bedroom – Reduce sounds and lights from in the house and outside as much as you can. Light reducing window blinds help reduce sunlight and noise. If your mattress or pillows cause you to toss and turn, look at replacing them or improving your comfort with a new pillow top mattress cover and new bed pillows.
  3. Manage anxiety – In the evening, anxiety can keep you awake. If meditation is one of the only times you relax and are able to fall asleep, taking a nap may be more constructive than trying to force yourself to stay awake. Or choose to have meditation be the way you fall asleep at night. Do what is right for you and your body.
  4. Improve your sleepLearn in this free eBook how you can balance your mind to optimize your sleep, improve your health, and ultimately enjoy a better life. Struggling with a good night’s sleep can dramatically affect your manifestation powers.
Am I Meditating Or Sleeping?
Am I Meditating Or Sleeping?

How To Stay Awake When You Meditate

Being well-rested during meditation should take care of most of your snoozing troubles so you will never wonder am I meditating or sleeping again. If you would like additional advice, try the following tips:

1. Open your eyes. It is recommended that in most types of relaxation you keep your eyes slightly open and look down with a soft focus. If that doesn’t help you not doze off, try, at least temporarily, to keep your eyes wide open.

2. Check your posture. You can breathe deeper and feel more energized by sitting straight on the floor or on a meditation pillow instead of slouching over and being uncomfortable.

3. Find the right time. Switch your morning or late afternoon routine to include meditation to see which works best for you.

4. Go for a walk. You can do a walking meditation as your main activity or try yoga meditation.

5. Join other people. Sitting with a group provides additional support.

6. Guided Meditations.  You can also watch videos that focus on meditations and also guided meditations that you can listen to.

7. Turn the lights on. Bright lights trigger hormonal changes that make staying focused easier. Sit in a well-lit room or take a sunny day outdoors.

8. Stay Cool. Turn the thermostat down at home.

9. Eat light. It’s also calculating what you drink. Dehydration and heavy meals are likely to make you want to go to bed. Enjoy a healthy snack like fruit or a green salad before you meditate. Drink water or meditation tea in abundance.

10. Reduce stress and increase awareness. By creating a regular practice of meditation. Developing healthy sleeping habits and making some environmental changes will help you meditate without falling asleep.

The best solution to remain awake throughout meditation is consistently getting enough sleep so you never have to wonder if you are meditating or sleeping.

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5 Responses

  1. Hi I love your site on Law & Attraction is great. I especially like the top on Sleep is one of the most many inhibitors of meditation.

    The solutions to remaining awake while meditating would have been suitable for me some years ago when I fell asleep doing meditation and yoga.

    I am interested in the steps on how to stay awake during meditation. I must give this a try. Thank you for writing this post.

  2. Loved your tips here, as that is my problem. I know I don’t get enough sleep, as I usually wake up early hours and can’t go back to sleep. I think for someone like me, meditation is best in the early mornings when I feel wide awake. In the afternoons I have tried and I just want to nod off, so that is no good.

    Sitting up straight is the one tip that definitely helps one to not fall asleep, as one has to concentrate on your posture, so it does make it a little more difficult to fall asleep while on the job.

    Joining a group is also a good plan, but I haven’t heard of anything going in this area. This is something I must investigate.

    1. Hello Michel – Thank you for your comment! Sometimes getting enough sleep is a struggle for many of us as well as falling asleep during meditation. I think your idea is wonderful and what a great way to start your day by having meditation in the morning. 

      Here are some helpful pillows on Amazon you can get specially made for meditation while sitting. Many of my clients find that when they get a dedicated pillow for meditation it helps them remain comfortable while meditating and they also meditate more often. 

      Also, here is an online group that uses meditation along with yoga. See if that is something that would interest you. Let me know how it goes. Think Healthy & Think Positive – Hazel 

  3. This is such a good topic that I sometimes do not know the answer to it myself. I am a Buddhist and I do go to the temple and meditate there or even at home as much as I can and I always find myself did I fall asleep? How come time passes so fast and I get all this relaxation and calmness, almost like I took the power nap in a sense. I guess only people who meditate can relate to this.

    Thanks for sharing all these tips on how to stay awake during meditation. I usually focus on my inhale and exhale. Sometimes I will recite some sermon that keeps me awake as well. 

    It is all about practicing, the more you do the better you will get. Namaste

  4. I have to admit that I often feel so tired on days and when I try to relax my mind and meditate, I always find myself dozing off and catching myself drifting to sleep. Sometimes, I would even give up the meditation practices and go to take a nap! This article can really help me identify the problem, as I know that my sleeping schedule is very inconsistent. Most nights, I sleep really late as I am rushing for my work to be done, and wake up late as I am so tired! This really affected my meditation practices in the afternoon and it frustrates me so much! 

    One thing that helped me, is to follow a yoga meditation class online as there is an instructor constantly telling us what to do and leading us through. As I focus on their voices, it makes me less drowsy as I carry out my meditation sessions. So I completely agree with the recommendation that you’d given, which is to follow a class or be with people when we meditate, as it did help for me! Thank you for helping me realize the cause of my everyday tiredness, I have to start timing my sleep and be consistent! Keep up this good work and stay safe!

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