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Affirmations are powerful and healthy to do daily.

They’re you in your thoughts ‘ conscious authority. They’re brief, powerful statements. When you speak, or think, or even hear, they become the thoughts that make up your life. So, affirmations are your conscious thoughts.

Evidence has shown that we have 45,000 to 51,000 ideas a day. A moment, that’s approximately 150 to 300 thoughts. Research has also shown that 80%of these thoughts are harmful to most people.

Now, many of the 51,000 thoughts were taught to believe are “subconscious” thoughts, that they are below our conscious level of awareness. In reality, positive affirmations make your subconscious mind’s thoughts fully aware.

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Positive Affirmations Enable You To Be Aware Of Your Feelings

When you start making consciously pleasant thoughts, you become much more aware of the harmful thoughts which threaten to take over regularly. 

In reality, it’s a fantastic phenomenon. In fact, what our mothers have always advised is right: be careful what you think, what you believe is what you receive. She told you that you are generating what you think about.

If you are not conscious of your emotions, you could be allowing negative thoughts.

But not being mindful of your feelings tends to lead to a disastrous downward spiral. So if you think about negative thoughts, you will think about more bad feelings. It won’t get you out of the situation.

Law Of Attraction Affirmations Are Powerful

Positive Affirmations Can Change All

Positive affirmations will make you aware of your thinking. Positively affirming involves affirming the ONLY the good. This means clearly declaring it to be real. Positive Affirmations are declarations that what you want to be real is real.

These are some statements that you can use for your positive affirmations:

Over time, they overwrite any limiting or harmful beliefs you may have about yourself, others, or being unable to do anything. Also, replacing them with pleasant thoughts and ideas that instill self-confidence, knowledge, positivity, ambition, and much more.

Shy or Introverted?

Anyone who may be a little shy or unconfident will repeat claims to be confident. We would like to switch from being shy and introverted to becoming perhaps more self-assured and confident, and thus use positive affirmations and repeat them over and over again.

They would eventually begin to sink in-the repetitive, beneficial self-talk would start to become a prophecy that fulfills itself. You can use for yourself the strength of positive reinforcement!

Using favorable statements gives you the authority of your mind and the details it receives. This places you in your brain’s driver’s seat and helps you to fill it with positive information that will transform you for the positive!

Positive Affirmation Praying

Affirmative praying is a kind of meditation or a spiritual mechanism-based not on a negative situation but on a positive outcome. For example, a person who is undergoing a type of illness should concentrate the prayer on the desired state of excellent health and reinforce this desired goal “as if it had already existed” instead of recognizing the disease and then ask your Higher Power to help stop it.

About Prayer

William James identified affirmative prayer as a part of the American spiritual healing movement he called “internal recovery;” he described it as “the only genuinely original contribution in America to the systematic philosophy of life.

What separates affirmative prayer from traditionally practiced philosophical affirmations of the form of autosuggestion is that affirmative prayer introduces the person to the Higher Power, the Almighty, the Creative Spirit, stressing the seemingly pragmatic aspects of religion.

In contrast to or rather than moral affirmations, some leaders of the self-help and self-improvement groups support affirmative prayer. For the most part, the decision is a subjective one based on the person’s beliefs. 

Five Steps of Affirmation Prayer

  1. Acceptance: Consider the essence of life / Higher Power / Spirit. This is the main ingredient of affirmative prayer: acceptance. Your willingness to know the nature of Higher Power is before you go any further. If you used to think, for instance, that the Higher Power is an upset, vengeful Higher Power, now is the time to remember the greater truth. Keep in mind the love and caring existence of the Higher Power.
  2. Uniting: Note that you come from the Higher Power of life/spirit. If a Higher Power exists and everything is fantastic and enjoyable, but you look outside, why bother praying? Keep in mind that the Higher Power is the origin and maker of all, including you and your wishes. This is another critical component of affirmative prayer.
  3. Update: recognizing life is the aspect or encounter you desire. If you want to have it, envision it, visualize it, it has to be in your heart. Also, the idea is that a fundamental unity exists. There is no other place to get your opinion than the brain. For a genuinely active meditation, you want to carry on thinking that you deserve happiness, “that’s when the revelation comes. When you open your eyes, that wish may not be sitting on the ground next to you, but don’t be deceived… the subconscious is already working to make this possible.
  4. Grace: understand, this is what you want. It is important to be grateful because it shows that you have already got the thing you want. Your appreciation is not needed by Higher Power. Still, in order to be fully aligned with the laws of the universe, you must feel a sense of gratitude. This is the “already” attitude that adds fuel to the flames of your affirmative prayer. That’s why you need to consider how you would feel if you had what you wanted today.
  5. Relinquish: Relinquishing is a significant step forward. When you’re done, your brain should be at ease, open, courageous, and attentive for indications of your desire to appear rather than become compulsive! Let the Law Of Attraction work through you and making your wish a real reality!

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