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Gratitude is not a common thought. Let’s change that together. Here are 12 ways to practice gratitude and spread the love.

Life is more challenging than it has to be with the absence of gratitude. Feeling grateful restarts your perspective and makes you feel good. You can offer yourself this gift every day. When you feel discouraged or stressed, you can get back on the right path by just having gratitude. Gratitude is safe, friendly, and productive. Here are 12 ways to practice gratitude and some easy life tips on how to live with daily gratitude.

12 Ways to Practice Gratitude

12 Ways to Practice Gratitude Every Day

1. Daily Journaling

Creating a daily habit of journaling certain items for which you may be grateful. Ideally, this can take place earlier in the morning or later in the evening, or both. It’s going to get your day together on the right path and set you up for a great night’s sleep. Amazon’s Best Sellers in Guided Journals

2. The Little Things

Be very grateful for those little moments in your day. You can be grateful for quite a lot of small occurrences and things every day. A nice cup of coffee can elevate your mood.

3. Take A Gratitude Walk

This is a beautiful way to get the stress and doubts out of your mind. Go for a walk and find things for which you can become grateful. A beautiful flower, kids laughing playing in their yard, the birds singing, sunshine, or a gentle light breeze. These are all things for that you can choose to feel gratitude.

4. No Comparisons

Refrain from comparing anything or anyone. It is demeaning when one compares one thing with another. Stay thankful just as it is. It applies to individuals and items.

5. Show it, Not Say It

Show people that you are grateful for them, not just tell them. Show people that you’re grateful and thank them for being in your life. Whether it’s your neighbor that keeps his garden so lovely or the cashier in the store who helps you. Be thankful to them and let them know.

Also, enjoy the animals in your life. Animals give us so many reasons to be thankful. Give a little additional attention to your animal if you have one. Both of you will feel amazing.

12 Ways to Practice Gratitude. Give your time by volunteering.

6. Volunteering

Give your time by volunteering. Or you could simply make a financial donation. Give what you can with your time and money within your means. It might be a charity or some other organization. Check out United Way for ideas.

7. Get Inspired

Create a list of aspects about yourself that inspire you. Have a little self-gratitude, too. What are you impressed with when you have an in-depth, serious look at yourself? Not only will you express gratitude, but you will also do beautiful things for your self-esteem.

8. Write A Review

Write a positive review for a website, post, or a company that you respect or has helped you. Business owners and website creators are big fans of positive reviews and interaction from readers. It makes them happy, I know it makes me happy, and their business can be strengthened. Be supportive and be grateful and let them know how you are grateful.

9. Meditation

Think about the things you’re thankful for during meditation. Place your attention and focus on the things for which you are most grateful. Of them, you might grow an even greater appreciation.

10. No Judging

Stop the judgments and the accusation. The opposite of gratitude is to judge and accuse. It’s not fun to be around people who do this either, it hurts. Avoid sharing negative ideas and opinions with others. Do not judge others, and you will find yourself happier and less stressed.

11. Food

At meals, be grateful you gave food and are able to eat. This is a beautiful way to develop a routine of showing gratitude because you eat at minimum one meal every day. Be thankful for your meal and the people who share it with you.

12. All You Have

Be grateful for all you have. It will lift your mood and outlook. Your likelihood of success is going to improve. And for you to be grateful, you will get even more positive things.

There are far more than 12 ways to practice gratitude. The key is to find the ways that best work for you in your daily life and the people and things that you are grateful for. What are some things you can add to this list of 12 ways to practice gratitude?

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